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    Cooperation of the West Java Provincial Government with Tokopedia to Develop Digital Economy


    BANDUNG CITY - The Provincial Government of West Java made an agreement with Tokopedia to develop public services and digital economy in West Java. The purpose of the agreement is to accelerate economic equality by involving Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and Village-Owned Enterprises (BUMDes).

    According to the Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil, this cooperation is an effort of the West Java Provincial Government to facilitate bureaucratic matters. Later, people do not need to go to government agencies to complete administration. In the digital age, countries can provide the best services digitally.

    "The current service must follow citizens' lifestyles because people's lifestyles are now digital. Bureaucratic matters should also be in digital form," Emil said after signing a memorandum of understanding with CEO and Co-Founder of Tokopedia, William Tanuwijaya, in Pakuan Building, Bandung City, on Tuesday (8/20/19).

    "We welcome warmly the cooperation with Tokopedia to provide convenience for the community, and encouraging economy of West Java residents. This is part of revolutionizing villages," he continued.

    Emil also said that digital space is the best tool to accelerate the economic cycle, encourage equity, and reduce inequality between rural and urban areas. Through digital space, farmers in the villages can market their agricultural products directly, and so do the entrepreneurs in the village who can expand the market.

    "So that citizens don't have to move to the city. Just live in the village, open a business in there, but get fortune in the city," Emil said.

    With this cooperation, a number of village programs such as One Village One Company (OVOC) and BUMDes can be realized quickly. Moreover, Tokopedia will create Tokopedia Center for empowering rural communities.

    In the public service sector, Tokopedia promotes superior products in each region and serves payment for Motor Vehicle Tax (PKB).

    Meanwhile, Tokopedia CEO and CO-Founder, William Tanuwijaya, said that the Tokopedia Center could become the economic center of villages. The Tokopedia Center which was launched in September 2018 already exists in several locations such as Kuningan Regency.

    "There are already eight Tokopedia Centers in West Java. Next month, there will be eight," he said.

    In addition, William hoped that the Tokopedia Center could become the center of digital education as well as linking MSMEs throughout Indonesia. Thus, the target market is national. Moreover, MSME is the biggest contributor to Indonesia's economic growth.

    William said that through the Tokopedia Center, people could get information on how to do an online business and look for inspiration to start a business. In addition, he also hoped Tokopedia could raise the existence of UMKM and BUMDes products in each region.

    "Through cooperation with the West Java Regional Government, Tokopedia hopes to help raising the existence of local products from local SMEs and BUMDes by providing solutions from upstream to downstream. One of them is by encouraging digital literacy for SMEs and BUMDes to help expanding the scope of marketing of fostered products in West Java," he said.

    "Improving quality and local products' sale value. Starting from giving packaging knowledge until providing product photo taking techniques. Then, increasing digital financial literacy and inclusion to enable local SMEs and BUMDes in West Java to get venture capital more easily, quickly and safely," he concluded.


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