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    Meeting with Oman Kadin, Ridwan Kamil Describes West Java Potential


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor, Ridwan Kamil explained the investment potential of West Java in a number of sectors when he received a visit from the Oman Delegation of Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin), at Gedung Sate, Bandung, Tuesday (8/20/19).

    According to Emil - Ridwan Kamil's nickname -, West Java has acceptable infrastructure. In addition, he said, the West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) is developing a number of Special Economic Zones (KEK) for the industrial and tourism sectors.

    "With the KEK, investors are increasingly interested in investing in West Java because there are a number of benefits and conveniences that are obtained, such as permits," said Emil.

    Besides the industrial and tourism sectors, Emil told the Sultanate of Oman Delegation of Kadin, West Java has great potential in the plantation sector. Fertile land is the foundation for producing plantation commodities, such as coffee and tea.

    "Tropical fruits, all fruits are in West Java, the world's best coffee production is also in West Java. If you want to buy, we can help. Tea, we also want to export, if we may we want to open West Java Cafe in Oman," Emil said.

    In the same occasion, Emil explained a number of West Java development programs. Starting from programs that are physical or related to infrastructure to programs aimed at building community character, such as One Village One Company and Satu Desa Satu Hafiz (One Village One Hafiz).

    "I have the Jabar Juara Lahir Batin concept, balancing worldl with spirituality affairs," he said.

    "If there is a scholarship from Oman, to support this program, we can accept it well," he continued.

    While the Chairman of the Kadin, Omani Ali bin Salem bin Saed Al-Hajri said, the West Java Provincial Government's response was welcomed. He also stated that many Omani businessmen were happy to do business activities in Indonesia, one of them is West Java.

    According to Al-Hajri, the number of Omani tourists in Indonesia reached 26 thousand. It because Indonesia has extraordinary natural beauty. The hospitality of Indonesian people, he said, is an attraction for Omani tourists.

    Al-Hajri also explained a number of potentials owned by Oman in various sectors, such as Oil and Gas, Tourism, Agriculture, and Logistics. For the Oil and Gas sector, Oman has abundant Natural Resources (SDA) reserves.

    Meanwhile, in the industrial sector, Oman has four large industrial areas near to the largest port in the world, the Port of Duqm.

    "For date palm plantations, we have four million date trees. Then, there are six million other trees that are owned privately and personally. Also, there are 14 types of dates that have different tastes and qualities," Al-Hajri said.

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