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    In West Java, Papuan Students Live Peacefully


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor, Ridwan Kamil (Emil) ensures that students from Papua are well welcomed in his area. In addition to respect and tolerance each others, his party also establishes good and intensive communication with the easternmost Indonesian people.

    According to Emil, the relations between Papuan students and his people were peaceful without any problems at all. "In West Java, Insha Allah is peaceful, because we are taking care of each others" he said in Bandung, Tuesday (8/20/2019).

    Emil himself claimed to have a close relationship with intellectuals from Papua. Since served as the Bandung mayor, he has maintained good communication and frequent discussions.

    "I have met more than four times with the Papuan Student Forum, we went on a picnic and  stay in Pangandaran," he said. Not only that, but Emil also ensured that his government is actively providing assistance to the brother from the east.

    "We give scholarships, rented fees have also been sent. Send six thousand pairs of shoes to the children of Papua," he said as he called himself had been to Sorong to design the square for free. In fact, Emil facilitated Papuan students to present arts from the area at the peak of commemoration the 17 August Independence Day yesterday.

    "In addition to Sundanese, Sisingaan and other arts, there is the Sajojo Dance that I personally participated in," he said. All of these attitudes are shown, continued Emil, as a form of solidarity and love of fellow Indonesians.

    "As solidarity and love for the people of Papua," he said. Therefore, he hopes this condition can have a positive impact on the situation in other regions.

    "May the situation in West Java will resonate throughout Indonesia. That we should have a talk, communicate, not violence, something emotional," he said. (Pun)

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