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    Electrification in West Java 0.01 Percent Left


    BANDUNG - Reliable electrical energy is an important aspect to stimulate development especially as West Java has a very large population and is an industrial and commercial center.

    It was said by The Daily Task of West Java Regional Secretary Daud Ahmad when attending West Java stakeholder coordination with PLN at Trans Hotel Bandung, Tuesday (8/20).

    One of the developments in West Java listed in the RJPMD is related to the improvement of electrical energy infrastructure and access to electricity to remote villages.

    "2023 Target, the average electricity consumption in West Java reaches 1,593 kWh. West Java is the first province to prepare this indicator. At present, there are still around 800 Kwh," he said.

    One of them is by converting gas and oil stoves to electric stoves or replacing gas fuel with electricity in every daily life of the West Java people.

    On the other hand, he is optimistic that the electrification ratio of West Java has almost reached 100 percent, leaving only a few, hopefully, PLN is ready to reach the target of 100 percent next year.

    "The ratio is currently around 99.99 percent, the remaining 0.01 percent or around 260 thousands of households, this will be easily achieved with good cooperation between PLN and the West Java Provincial Government," he said.

    On this occasion also signed the PLN cooperation agreement with the West Java Regional Police for the security of PLN assets which is also one of the country's vital objects. Jo

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