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    10 Candidates for West Java Information Commission Passed Final Selection


    BANDUNG CITY - A total of 10 candidates for the Provincial Information Commission (KIP) of West Java passed the final selection stage that interviews to become members of the West Java KIP term of the 2019-2023 period. Interviews were conducted on 15 and 16 August 2019 in Building 2 Unpad, Bandung.

    Previously, 45 people had passed the stages of psychological selection, group dynamics, writing papers, to interviews. By the Selection Team, 10 people who passed the interview selection were selected to continue to conduct the fit and proper test by the West Java Assembly at regional (DPRD).

    According to the Chairman of the Selection Team Rafani Achyar, the interview test for West Java KIP candidates was divided into two days, the first day of 24 people and the second day of 21 people.

    Alternately, five members of the Selection Team interviewed each participant regarding personality and insight.

    "Personally is concerned with the relevant motivation, commitment, and integrity. While the insight is an insight related to information disclosure, the institutional insight of the Information Commission and the Information Commission's trial law", Rafani said.

    The results of the interview were recapitulated and decided in the Selection Team's plenary and announced on Monday (8/19/2019). The assessment is the accumulation of psychological tests, group dynamics, paper writing, and interviews.

    Here are 10 names that passed the final selection of prospective members of KIP Jabar for the term of office 2019-2023:
    1. Dadan Saputra, S.Pd., M.Si.
    2. Dedi Dharmawan, SH, MM.
    3. Deni Yudiawan, MM.
    4. Husni Farhan Mubarok, SH, M.Si.
    5. Ijang Faisal, S.Ag., M.Si.
    6. Irianto Edi Pramano, Ir.
    7. Nuryani, S.Ag.
    8. Riva Rahayu, Dr. M.Si.
    9. Yudaningsih, S.Ag.M.Si.
    10. Zulkarnaen, M.Si.

    A total of 10 names who passed were handed over to the Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil to be subsequently handed over to the West Java DPRD for the fit and proper test.

    "The 10 candidates who passed must compile the vision and mission and work programs of the West Java KIP for the next 5 days," Rafani added.

    The vision and mission and work programs of the West Java KIP candidate members must be submitted to become a fit and proper test material by the West Java DPRD Commission I.

    "The authority of the fit and proper test is not in the selection team anymore, the selection team there (interview) has been completed. So the authority (fit and proper test) is in West Java DPRD through Commission I," said Rafani.

    Rafani said the Selection Team had made an objective effort in carrying out the mandate to carry out every stage of selection starting from registration, administrative selection, potential tests, psychological tests, group dynamics, to interviews.

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