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    Visiting Jatimekar, Ridwan Kamil Participates in the Sarong Football Competition


    PURWAKARTA REGENCY- West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil's visit to Jatimekar Village, Jatiluhur Subdistrict, Purwakarta Regency, welcomed joyfully. Emil - as Ridwan Kamil is called - fulfilled his promise to celebrate the 74th Indonesian Independence Day by participating in a number of competitions, one of which was scabbard football.

    "I have promised that the celebration of August is not only by holding a ceremony, but also interacting with the community to participate in the competition. Today, I in the village of Jatimekar will develop Jatiluhur tourism which has been committed," Emil said, Sunday (8/18/19).

    Before visiting the Jatimekar village, Emil reviewed a number of points in the Jatiluhur Reservoir first. He also ensured that the tourist attraction in Purwakarta would be revitalized this year. This is a commitment of his side in realizing West Java as a tourism province.

    Although he has reviewed the Jatiluhur Reservoir, Emil is still eager to played the ball. He did feel awkward at the start of the match because he was not accustomed to wearing gloves when escorting, passing, and kicking the ball.

    Slowly and surely, Emil used to process the ball with his legs. By neat cooperation with employees of Perum Jasa Tirta II, Emil was able to made two goals and bring his team to win over the team of Jatimekar people.

    "I joined a sarong football competition and Alhamdulilah scoring two goals, whether it was a goal or a defeat I don't know," Emil said.

    Hundreds of people who participated in dissolve into happiness. They shouted, cheered and jumped up and down. Many of them did not think that Emil played soccer in his environment.

    According to Emil, his visit to the village of Jatimekar was not only for hospitality, but also ignited the enthusiasm of the Jatimekar people to turn the Jatiluhur Reservoir into a charming tourist destination.

    "May it will be an example of West Java who take care of the changes in Jatimekar," Emil said.

    The same thing was said by the Head of Jatimekar Village, Kusnandar. According to him, the West Java Governor's visit was the beginning of his party keeps trying to improve the welfare of the Jatimekar people." It feels like a dream (visited by the Governor) hopefully it will be progress for our village," Kusnandar said.

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