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    Ridwan Kamil Described West Java Peoplehood Program Progress when Fajr in Congregation Roving (Subling) in West Bandung Regency


    WEST BANDUNG REGENCY - West Java Governor, Ridwan Kamil explained the progress of the West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) program during the Fajr in Congregation Roving (Subling) at the Al-Irsyad Mosque, West Bandung Regency, Sunday (18/8/19).

    In his remarks, Emil - Ridwan Kamil called - reported on the progress of the Satu Desa Satu Tahfiz (One Village One Tahfiz) program that is already underway. According to him, there are already 1,200 people who will study at various boarding schools in Tahfiz Al-Qur'an.

    "Jabar Juara Lahir Batin is now going fast. I report, there are 1,200 children in each village who have started studying at the Tahfiz Al-Qur'an boarding school scattered in various regions. So, the ideals of one village have one tahfiz of the Qur'an can be realized, "Emil said.

    Then, Emil also said that the English for Ulama program is running. In fact, he said, there will be five scholars from West Java sent to England to become ambassadors of peace by preaching.

    "The second wave is being prepared and the good news is that soon five clerics will be sent to England," he said.

    "May this English training will be attended by scholars from West Bandung Regency because this program will continue," he added.

    In the same occasion, Emil explained the progress of the One Pesantren One Product program. According to him, there are 500 pesantren that are preparing a business plan for economic development.

    While the Kredit Mesra (Mesjid Sejahtera), said Emil, it has been going well. He also asked the Mosque Welfare Council (DKM) to convey information to the community regarding the program.

    "Please convey to the people if you need a loan, just come to the mosque recommended by DKM, we have distributed the funds to various regions," Emil said.

    At the end of his speech, Emil informed, Al-Irshad mosque is nominated in the 20 best mosques in the world. The winner of the nomination will be announced soon in Saudi Arabia.

    "This mosque (Al-Irshad) is nominated 1 of the 20 best mosques in the world, InsyaAllah it will be announced soon in Saudi Arabia, hopefully," concluded Emil.

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