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    The Daily Task of West Java Regional Secretary Welcomes Returning Hajj Group I


    BEKASI REGENCY - The Daily Task of West Java Regional Secretary, Daud Achmad welcomed the return of the first flight group hajj to 1440 Hijri / 2019 at the Jakarta Embarkation Dormitory in Bekasi, West Java, Sunday (18/8/19). The first group of hajj who arrived came from Bogor Regency as many as 404 worshipers.

    Daud hopes the hajj will become mabroor (accepted) Hajj. In addition, he asked the congregation to spread goodness in their respective regions and be able to maintain the image of being Muslim.

    "However, our feelings or behavior change after doing the hajj. And it will definitely be better and can be applied in their respective environments in social, national and state life," said Daud.

    Meanwhile, Head Representative of the West Java Ministry of Religious Affairs Regional Office, Abukhori reported that group I from Bogor Regency totaled 410 (404 hajj and 6 hajj officers). In the group, he said, there was one person who died on behalf of Achmad Suparman while in Medina. The slot is then filled by Firdaus Solihin from Depok City.

    "Then the number of hajj and hajj officers departed through the Jakarta Bekasi embarkation with a total of 39,429 people. "There are 38,847 hajj consisting of TPHI, TPIHI, TKHI and TPHD of 582 people," he said.

    Then, the number of hajj who died numbered 41 people. The details are 39 people died in Saudi Arabia and 2 people died on their way to the Holy Land.

    "And the operational period for the return of the hajj was held for 29 days, which began on August 17 until September 14, 2019," he concluded.

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