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    Various Poems in Governor's Agustusan Speech


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil read five rhymes while reading his remarks at the 74th Anniversary Commemoration Ceremony of the Republic of Indonesia at the West Java Province level in Gasibu Field, Bandung, Saturday (08/17/2019). This makes the atmosphere of reading the welcome ceremony more lively.

    After welcoming the audience and reading the opening on the occasion, Ridwan Kamil read his first pantun. The most typical rhyme is because it involves the typical food of round tofu.

    "Round fried fried tofu, the price is five hundred. If Indonesia wants to win in the future, then Pancasila must always be practiced," said Ridwan Kamil, who was greeted with fanfare at the ceremony invitations.

    The governor, who is familiarly called Emil, then delivered his remarks about the desire of the President of the Republic of Indonesia to continue the struggle of the nation by developing Indonesia evenly. After that, Emil read the rhyme again.

    "When we are in the evening, we work in the morning with enthusiasm. The development of the country will accelerate, because it is supported by all elements of society," he said.

    Emil went on to explain the vision of Indonesia Forward and West Java The Champion of Birth and Inner Need to be supported by superior human resources. Emil also accompanied him with the third pantun.

    "On Sunday he said the consent granted, became the intended destination. If the human resources were superior, the Indonesian would have progressed," Emil said.

    Emil's speech was continued by describing the nation's obligation to fill the era of independence with a variety of concrete programs and actions, which have priorities, are smart, and are measurable, to accelerate the achievement of various development targets in West Java.

    "Around the city looking for a ring, to propose a sweetheart. So that West Java Champion Born Inner, innovation and collaboration do not stop," poem Emil returned to accompany his speech again.

    Emil continued, West Java was the Champion Born and the Inner could be realized with innovative programs and collaboration of various parties. With a dynamic governance system that encourages innovation in government, as well as the pentahelix concept, he said, West Java is the Champion of Birth and the Inner is something close.

    "Meeting the geulisna mosque, it turns out, is already married. Infrastructure development must be complete, to support economic growth," he said.

    Emil said his remarks marked by the five rhymes were his new tradition of refreshing the atmosphere. Without reducing his reverence, Emil said his rhymes were very relevant to the theme of his warning.

    "And I made a new tradition, there was a serious speech, humorous use of rhymes, whose message is also very relevant to the spirit of independence," Emil said.

    Emil later said he stressed many times that the West Java earth is the Pancasila Earth. On this occasion, he said, people from various ethnicities also celebrated, especially Papua who celebrated the Republic of Indonesia Anniversary in West Java together through the Sajojo dance at the end of the ceremony.

    "Then I would like to convey a point from the President also about the future challenges of developing Indonesia that is not Java centric. We have a go-east program, together with the people of eastern Indonesia we will do the economy," he said. (Even)

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