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    The Series of 74th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia in West Java was Closed by Gelar Senja in Gasibu


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor, Ridwan Kamil leads the red and white flag decline ceremony or Gelar Senja at Bandung's Gasibu Field on Saturday (17/8/19) at 17:00 WIB.

    According to Emil - Ridwan Kamil's nickname, the ceremony was attended by the State Civil Apparatus (ASN) from various agencies and witnessed by hundreds of people is a positive tradition that must be carried out every year on Indonesia's independence anniversary.

    The red and white flag, Emil continued, must be respected so that after flying it needs to be returned to its original position in a solemn declaration ceremony.

    "Because the (red and white) flag is highly respected, it must return to its original position," Emil said.

    Today, the heirloom flag hoisted at the provincial ceremony is aged 50. Emil added, this is the last time the flag is hoisted.

    "This is a heirloom flag, we are 50 years old and this is the last year we are using it. It will be replaced by a new flag sent later by the State Secretariat," Emil said.

    Gelar Senja Ceremony itself is the closing event for the 74th anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia on the West Java. Emil also hopes that this year's celebration will encourage the public that Indonesia is an independent nation and will become a superpower nation in 2045 with superior human resources and the spirit of Jabar Juara Lahir dan Batin.

    "Hopefully it will also end with a strong national spirit from the community," Emil hoped.

    In Gelar Senja also displayed a number of cultural attractions from various ethnic groups as a form of cultural diversity and creation in Tanah Pasundan.

    "I am very proud that there was a representative of the Hindu community in West Java performing dance collaboration of Balinese and Sundanese culture, there are also sisingaan, manuk-manukan. This shows West Java is very creative with its peaceful cultural diversity," concluded Emil.

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