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    Commemorating 74th Indonesia's Independence Day Anniversary in Mecca, Uu: Loving the Motherland is Part of Faith


    MEKKAH - West Java Deputy Governor, Uu Ruzhanul Ulum, lead the ceremony of the 74th anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) in Misfalah, Mecca, on Saturday (08/17/2019). According to Uu, nationalism is something that cannot be separated from religion.

    That is in accordance with Islamic teachings that is 'Hubul Wathan Minal Iman' which means loving the motherland is part of faith. Uu gave an example, Rasulullah migrated to Medina and prayed to be given love to Mecca as his love for Medina. It means, religious people must love their homeland.

    "Some people think that nationalists are not religious, and vice versa. But, we know Hubul Wathan Minal Iman means loving the motherland is part of faith," Uu said.

    He claimed that he shed tears when singing Indonesia Raya with a different atmosphere because it was in the holy land of Mecca.

    "I just shed tears when singing Indonesia Raya. We were touched with a different atmosphere because we are in the holy land. It means, we miss the homeland," he added.

    Not to forget, Uu also expressed his gratitude to the officers who had carried out and coordinated with the government of Saudi Arabia in holding the Indonesia's Independence Day ceremony in Mecca.

    Uu stressed that this ceremony was very meaningful because it could show to the world that Indonesian people had a high sense of nationalism.

    "Although it is done in a simple way, but it is very meaningful. Indonesian people have great nationalism. It is proven through the independence ceremony in the Holy Land, Mecca," Uu said.

    When asked about various special competitions to welcome the 74th Indonesian's Independence Day, Uu said that the activity was handed to each officer.

    "Yesterday, we might be busy because of the preparations for the pilgrimage in Armuzna. We were doing competitions that become a tradition in our country. So, we could feel like that was in Indonesia," Uu said.

    For West Java pilgrims who had done a series of hajj pilgrimages, Uu advised to increase faith and piety with amaliah especially social piety.

    "Piety means hablul minalloh. We believe that coming to the Holy Land shows great faith. It means, the worship of Mahdoh is not to be doubted. Bu we expect an increase in mahdoh ghair worship that is hablul minanas (human relations)," Uu said.

    In addition, there must be an increase in social awareness by mutual respect especially for Sundanese people who have a culture of 'Silih Asih, Silih Asah, and Silih Asuh'.

    "Do not be the other way round, 'silih gasak, silih gesek, and silih gosok' That is the thing that must be avoided from Sundanese personality," Uu concluded.


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