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    Ridwan Kamil Delivered the West Java's Development Achievements on 74th Indonesia Independence Day Anniversary


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor, Ridwan Kamil, delivered a number of achievements of West Java's development at the flag raising ceremony on the 74th Indonesia Independence Day Anniversary at the Gasibu Field, Bandung, on Saturday (17/8/19).

    According to Emil, West Java is currently in a very good position due to the job relay with the previous governors; thus, it brings the province with a population of more than 48 million people to be the best in Indonesia.

    "The success of West Java is a relay from the previous leaders of Mr. Ahmad Heryawan, Mr. Dani Setiawan, Mr. Lex Laksamana and others. It signifies that we appreciate past leaders," said Emil, as the inspector.

    The Human Development Index (HDI), continued increasing from 70.69 in 2017 to 71.30 in 2018. The HDI consisted of an education index of 61.75 points, a health index of 81.02 points, and an expenditure index of 72.46 points. The rate of economic growth was above the national average of 5.64 percent.

    While the public information disclosure index reached 90.32 points, the happiness index was 69.58 points, and access to democracy reached 68.78 points.

    "Last May, we won the WTP opinion (fair without exception) for the eighth times with 24 regencies / cities," Emil added.

    Regarding the evaluation of the Accountability System of the Government Institution Performance (SAKIP), West Java succeeded in maintaining the score of A, followed by the achievement from all districts / cities without C or CC.

    Emil was also grateful that this year's village development achievements have increased, from 37 independent villages in 2018 to 99 independent villages in 2019.

    The status of developed villages also increased to 1,232 villages, while this year there were 3,656 developing villages and 326 underdeveloped villages. There are no more villages with a very underdeveloped status in West Java.

    Emil emphasized that those positive achievements were a collaboration of all elements. During the 11-month leadership period since September 2018, 46 awards were successfully sealed by the West Java Regional Government (Pemdaprov).

    "We are determined to maintain various achievements and speed up for the next 5 years," said Emil.

    To accelerate economic growth, the Regional Provincial Government has sought new toll roads. Those are Kertajati and Patimban Airports, activated railway lines, the construction of Jakarta-Bandung high-speed train, the Greater Bandung MRT, and a new Segitiga Rebana industrial zone in the Pantura area.

    "We also carry out the development of dimensi batin through Magrib Mengaji program, Subuh Berjamaah, One Hafidz One Village, and English for Ulama," Emil said.

    The 74th anniversary of RI itself carries the theme of 'Superior Human Resources, Advanced Indonesia'. This year, West Java is still flying a duplicate of a 50-year-old heirloom flag by 38 Paskibraka chosen and witnessed by hundreds of people who filled Gasibu.

    According to Emil, this year will be the last year for the flag-raising of duplicate flag to be replaced with a new heirloom flag from the State Secretariat.

    After the flag-raising ceremony in Gasibu, Emil released 1,500 members of the Vespa Antique Club Indonesia to gather at Diponegoro Street which conducted the 21st Red and White Kirab.

    Furthermore, Emil attended a friendly agenda with the pioneers of Indonesian independence, veterans, Force '45, Pepabri, Wredatama, Warakawuri and West Java elders in the West Hall of Gedung Sate, Bandung.


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