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    Ceu Popong: Education System Should be Changed


    BANDUNG-Popong Otje Junjunan as a Sunda figure and also a member of the House of Representatives commission 10 asserted, the education system will affect the character of the nation's generation.

    It was revealed in her presentation at the socialisation of population, corruption and drugs which held by Population Action Study Community (PSAK) in Bandung City Hall, Friday (8/4).

    "I have repeatedly conveyed to the Minister of Education, that during the educational system as it is today. Do not expect the younger generation to have a good moral and sense of anti-corruption,” she said.

    Ceu Popong pointed out, the criminals are caught mostly generation aged 20 to 40s, which is the result of the current educational system.

    "Look at the evidence, where mostly corruptor as between 20 to 40 years old, which is a product of the current educational system. Teaching manners was eliminated since the reform, Pancasila moral lessons dispensed, and upgrading P4 was removed?” she questioned.

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