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    14,060 West Java's Prisoners Get Remission on the 74th Indonesia Independence Day Anniversary


    BANDUNG CITY - A total of 14,060 Prisoners of West Java's Technical Implementation Unit of Prison received criminal reductions aka remissions on the 74th Indonesia Independence Day Anniversary, Saturday (17/8/19), through a Decree of the Minister of Law and Human Rights concerning RI General Remission year 2019.

    Remarks by the Minister of Law and Human Rights, Yasonna H. Laoly, was read by Daily Task of West Java Provincial Secretary, Daud Achmad, in front of all prisoners at the First Class of Sukamiskin Penitentiary in Bandung.

    Delivering Yasonna's remarks, Daud said that the remission based on Government Regulation Number 99 year 2012 and the decision of the President of Indonesia Number 174 year 1999 are for prisoners and children who have to temporarily undergo criminal offences in prison or special guidance institutions for children and country's detention centers.

    Hopefully, remmisions giving is not only interpreted as prison's fostered citizen rights giving, but also the state's appreciation of fostered citizens who have succeeded in showing behavioral changes, improving quality, and increasing self-competence in order to build national economy.

    Besides remission, Daud who was still reading Yasonna's remarks added that prison / remand condition also got serious attention from the government.

    "The condition of prisons / remand centers with excess occupants above 100 percent is now the source of all problems, even sometimes it is a justification for irregularities that happened in prisons / detention centers," Daud said.

    The condition of overpopulation cannot be seen as weakness or the source of all problems in prisons / remand centers, but must be managed and utilized as opportunities and challenges to contribute positively.

    "By having a large human capital, prison / remand centers must be able to transform this potential into creative economic activities. Here, paradigm will change, prison must be placed as a constructive social institution rather than a destructive criminal institution," added David imitating Yasonna.

    In his remarks, Yasonna also instructed all correctional staff to make the momentum of 2019 Indonesia's Independence day to accelerate services, change performance patterns that can follow issues' development related to correctional matters, enhance the ability to carry out tasks with integrity, work professionally and sincerely, and strive to keep prisons and remand centers in a conducive and safe atmosphere.

    "Besides that, for all the prisoners who have got remission especially those who are free today, I congratulate and remind you to keep increasing your faith in God," Daud said.

    "Be a person who obeys the law, a person who is virtuous, and a person who is useful in life," he ended Yasonna's remarks.

    According to the Head of the Regional Office of West Java's Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Liberty Sitinjak, this year, the Regional Office of West Java's Ministry of Law and Human Rights has proposed remissions from all Penitentiary technical implementation units consisting of six state detention centers and 27 correctional institutions.

    "The number of prison and remand center residents of West Java is 23,811 people. It consists of 19,341 inmates and 4,470 prisoners, "Liberty said.

    "And the number of prisoners who received remission on August 17, 2019 was 14,060 people. It consisted of General Remission (RU) I of 13,561 people and RU II of 499 people," he said.

    The granting of this remission was carried out online through a correctional database system that was integrated between the correctional technical implementing units of the regional offices and the Directorate General of Corrections.


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