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    West Java Governor Deplored Cianjur Demonstration Ending Chaos


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil deplored the student demonstrations in Cianjur that were in chaos and left four policemen burnt. Emil - greeting Ridwan Kamil - also expressed his condolences and prayed for the healing of the four policemen.

    "I deeply regret the incident in Cianjur. A demonstration of aspiration, a demonstration, ends up not good. I think in Indonesia we understand the right to associate, gather, express opinions, and that is protected. But, we must remember, we have a courtesy, that is the Pancasila courtesy, "he said, Friday (8/16/19).

    In addition, Emil appealed to all parties to express their opinions in accordance with regulations and in a good manner, so that the message conveyed could be received. According to him, what happened in Cianjur must be a lesson so that similar incidents are not repeated.

    "It must be a lesson so that messages can be received must be delivered in a good manner. Hopefully it will not be repeated as part of joint learning, "he said.

    "We express our concern and sorrow for what happened to the police, hopefully quickly and quickly recover," he added.

    Meanwhile, Plh. Head of West Java Regional Secretariat of Public Relations and Protocol Bureau Nanin Hayani Adam called the four policemen as heroes because they had sacrificed for the sake of the homeland and the nation. He also invited the public to express opinions politely and intelligently.

    "All people have the right to express their aspirations. But, there are corridors that must be kept on foot. Because, however, acts of violence cannot be justified, "Nanin said.

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