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    80 Achieved People/Institutions Received Award from the West Java Governor


    BANDUNG -- As many as 80 people/institutions received certificate of merit of community achievements/role models of the West Java Provincial Government 2019 in the framework of the 74th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia (RI).

    Beginning with appreciation from the West Java Governor, Ridwan Kamil to the recipients of the award through two pantun.
    "Ada Neng Ita belanja terasi,
    Terus ke pasar membeli ikan patin,
    Bersama para teladan yang berprestasi,
    Maka Jabar akan juara lahir dan batin," said Emil - greeting of Ridwan Kamil.
    "And this is a pantun for model who have ex," he said.
    "Ada kiriman mantan berupa surat,
    Isinya curhat meni kasuat-suat,
    Bersama para teladan Jawa Barat,
    Kita wujudkan SDM kuat, cermat dan hebat," Emil added at the relegation award of West Java Provincial Government in the West Hall of Gedung Sate, Bandung, Friday (16/8/19).
    Emil also advised the role models to work together with the government and other communities in developing Indonesia and West Java. Because, it is predicted that Indonesia will become a superpower in 2045 with stable economic conditions, competitive human resources, and a conducive democracy.
    For this reason, Emil asked West Java's role models could become example and share their knowledge with other communities. By doing that, there will be reated other role models in the community. He also hopes that role models can become partner in developing West Java.
    "But if we don't want to share knowledge and greatness, then don't dream of our grandchildren living in an advanced Indonesia," Emil said.
    "HR has become the face of West Java to be ready to face the 4.0 future. So these things come from this group (the West Java role models) which I will make a partner in advancing HR West Java, "he added.
    Meanwhile, the awarding is based on Law Number 20 of 2009 concerning the Title of Honors and Honors, and Regional Regulation of the West Java Province Number 7 of 2016 concerning the Awarding of a Person or Agency that Has Served Into the Regions of the West Java Province.
    The Acting. Head of the Social Service and Development Bureau (Yanbangsos) of the West Java Regional Secretariat, Dani Ramdan, explained that the purpose of this award is to give motivation to the people who had contributed and meritorious in their fields towards development in West Java.
    "In this regard, the local government gives awards to outstanding people to individuals and institutions which have shown valuable achievements and contributions to the community and the surrounding," Dani said.
    The following is a list of outstanding people names, the recipients of the West Java Provincial Government award in the framework of the 74th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia 2019:
    1. Wiwin Witono, Service Sector Model Worker from PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Cirebon Regency;
    2. Deni Rustiawan Efendi, Service Sector Model Worker from PT Potensi Pola Augusta, Sukabumi Regency;
    3. Toto Heryanto, Service Sector Model Worker from Perhutani KPH Tasikmalaya, Tasikmalaya City;
    4. Agus Suhayat, Model Worker in Labor-intensive Sector from PT Eksonindo Multi Product Industri, Bandung Regency;
    5. Dwi Endah Wuryani, Model Worker in Labor-intensive Sector of PT Garuda Food Putra Putri Jaya, Tbk., Sumedang Regency;
    6. Ismail Jauhari, Model Worker in Labor Intensive Sector from PT Changshin Reksa Jaya, Garut Regency;
    7. Asep Kurnia, Manufacturing Model Worker from Indo Korsda, Tbk., Bogor Regency;
    8. Ma'sum Al Asyhar, Manufacturing Model Worker from PT Taiso Pharmaceutical Indonesia, Depok City;
    9. Ade Miftahudin, Manufacturing Industry Model Example from PT Indolakto Cicurug Susu, Sukabumi Regency;
    10. Aan Andaya, Mediator for Industrial Relations, Majalengka Regency;
    11. Restuning Pangestuti, Industrial Relations Mediator, Subang Regency;
    12. Muhammad Wildan Jusal, Mediator for Industrial Relations, City of Depok;

    13. Casmini, High School Outstanding Teacher from SMA Negeri 1 Sukaresmi, Cianjur Regency;
    14. Erni Wardhani, Vocational School Outstanding Teacher from SMK Negeri 1 Cianjur, Cianjur Regency;
    15. Yeni Gantini, Outstanding Head of High School from SMA Negeri 3 Bandung, Bandung City;
    16. Popon, Special School Creative Teacher from SLB YKS 1 Majalaya, Bandun Regency;
    17. Abdul Rohman, SPPI Secondary Education Teacher from the Inclusive School of Human High School, Bekasi Regency;
    18. Juanita Nurul Rasyidah, an SDLB Outstanding Teacher from Ciamis State SLB, Ciamis Regency;
    19. Iyos Ruswita, SMPLB Outstanding Teacher from SLB Adhitya Soreang, Bandung Regency;
    20. Dede Iwan Robian, Outstanding Principal of Kindergarten from TK An Nahl, Bandung;
    21. Elin Ruslina, Outstanding Principal of Elementary School from SD Negeri 4 Mekar Galih, Garut Regency;
    22. Budi Suhardiman, Outstanding Principal of Middle School from SMP Negeri 2, Garut Regency;
    23. Anne Sukmawati KD, Outstanding Principal  of Vocational School from SMK 11, Bandung City;
    24. Henny Haeriny, Outstanding Principal of SLB from SLB C Dharma Wanita, Bogor City;
    25. Budi Iskandar, Manager of TBM GTK Paud Dikmas from TBM AIUEO, Garut Regency;
    26. M Wisnu Suhandhani, Manager of PKBM GTK Paud Dikmas from PKBM Taman Sekar, Bandung City;
    27. Ika Karniati Sardi, High School/Vocational School Healthy School from SMK 1 Ciamis, Ciamis Regency;
    28. H. Warsadi, Junior High School Healthy School from Tanah Sareal Middle School 5, Bogor City;
    29. Asep Dani Mardiani, Elementary Healthy School from Krida Nusantara Integrated Elementary School, Bandung City;
    30. Meiliana Tandani, Kindergarten Healthy School from Joy Kids National Kindergarten, Tasikmalaya City;
    31. Supriyatna, West Java Library Ambassador from Karawang Regency;
    32. Pelangi, Ambassador of the West Java Library from the City of Tasikmalaya;
    33. Dian Arya Susanti, Outstanding Librarian from Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, Bandung City;
    34. SMA Negeri 3 Sukabumi, Best School Library of SMA Negeri 3 Sukabumi, Kota Sukabumi;
    35. Percis Library, Village/Urban Village Library of Cisarua Urban Village, Cikole District, Sukabumi;
    36. Vasya Febrian Al Khairi, Story Telling from Kabuoaten Kuningan;
    37. Tengku Yenni F, Model Doctor from Kedung Badak Health Center, Bogor;
    38. Annisa Pristiani, Model Dentist from Cugenang Health Center, Cianjur Regency;
    39. Iyon, Model Nurse from Anggadita Health Center, Karawang Regency;
    40. Kokom Komalasari, Model Midwife from Kesambi Health Center, Cirebon;
    41. Yadi Supriyadi, Environmental Health Worker from North Cikampek Health Center, Karawang Regency;
    42. Wike Widuri, Community Health Worker from Jomin Health Center, Karawang Regency;
    43. Ani Nuraeni, Nutritionist (Nutritionist) from the Ciranjang Health Center, Cianjur Regency;
    44. Mamat Rahmat, Exemplary Pharmacist from Jepara Health Center, Kuningan District;
    45. Windy Ernawaty, ATLM from the Tanah Sareal Health Center, Bogor;
    46. Poktan Tani Mulya, Achievement Tea Farmers Group from Bandung Regency;
    47. Enung Sumartini, Achievement Agribusiness Actor from Garut Regency;
    48. H. Kurnia DM, Assistant Farmer with Achievement from West Bandung Regency;
    49. Asep Subagja, Outstanding Regional Facilitator from Kabuoaten Bandung;
    50. Miftahudin Shaf, Young Entrepreneur with Achievement from Subuap District, Subang;
    51. H. Supriatna Dinuri, Outstanding Coffee Seed Breeder from Bandung Regency;
    52. H. Asep Rohman, Environmental Care Farmer Figure from Bandung Regency;
    53. Evrina Budiastuti, Outstanding Agricultural Instructor from Dramaga District, Bogor Regency;
    54. Iip Irpan, Outstanding Farmer from Cimanggu Village, Cibeber District, Tasikmalaya Regency;
    55. Feri Iskandar, Pioneer of Food, from Majalengka Regency;
    56. Bambang Surya Atmaja, Pioneer of Natural Resources and the Environment from Majalengka Regency;
    57. Dede Rustaman, Forestry Extension Officer from the Forestry Service Office of Region VIII, Kuningan Regency;
    58. Aen, a Non-Governmental Forestry Extension Officer from Karang Sari Village, Darma District, Kuningan Regency;
    59. Hegar Sari 2 (Saryu Sunarya), Forest Farmer Group from Karangsari Village, Padaherang District, Pangandaran Regency;
    60. Uden Suherlan, Nature Conservation Cadre from Gekbrong District, Cianjur Regency;
    61. Jayanis Karikal, Nature Lover Group from Kalimanggis Kulon Village, Kalimanggis District, Kuningan Regency;
    62. Uuh W Helmadi, Village / Village of Forestry Concern from Ciporeat Village, Cilengkrang District, Bandung Regency;

    63. H. Deni Firman Nurhakim, Office of Exemplary Religious Affairs from Karawang Regency;
    64. Ida Widaningsih, Non-PNS Islamic Religious Instructor from Bogor District;
    65. H. Dadang Komarudin, Functional Islamic Religious Instructor from Bandung City;
    66. Popong Warliati Nuraeni, Population Administration Services from the City of Bandung;
    67. H. KMS Zulkifli, Population Administration Services from Kuningan Regency;
    68. H. Salimin, Population Administration Services from Bandung Regency;
    69. Cibeureum Village, Outstanding Village of Achievement from Kertasari District, Bandung Regency;
    70. Bojong Village Pondok Terong, Exemplary Village with Achievement from Cipayung District, Depok;

    71. Yayat Hidayat, District Social Welfare Workers from Majalengka Regency;
    72. Saptaji, Social Welfare Workers in Exemplary District of Sukabumi;
    73. Yayah Rokayah, Exemplary Community Social Worker from Bandung Regency;
    74. Dede Sumarni, Exemplary Community Social Worker from Banjar;
    75. Al Fajar Shining Foundation / LKS, Exemplary Social Welfare Institutions from Bekasi Regency;
    76. YPLB Nusantara, Exemplary Social Welfare Institution from Depok;
    77. Karang Taruna Genta Saba Nusa, Exemplary Karang Taruna from Kuningan Regency;
    78. Karang Taruna Bhakti, Exemplary Karang Taruna from Bandung City;
    79. Yayan Mulyana, Exemplary Public Transport Crew from Bandung Regency; and
    80. Yanyan Viana, Exemplary Public Transport Crew from Sumuapang District.

     Model School & Village
    One of the award recipients, Meiliana Tandani, said that she is happy to get an award from the West Java Governor. Meiliana is the principal of TK Joy Kids Nasional, Tasikmalaya and got award f the Kindergarten Healthy School category.
    Meiliana admitted that her school is different from other schools because it is not only emphasized intelligence in the teaching and learning process, but also character and health.
    "Our school does not only emphasizes intelligence but character and health. So, we have three report cards, regular report cards, health report cards, and character report cards, "Meiliana said.
    "And we have a lot of cooperation with health centers, hospitals and health clinics," she added.
    For this reason, health is part of the student assessment and curriculum at TK Joy Kids Nasional. Meiliana also opened herself to other schools who wanted to study at her school.
    "We will open other schools to study and I am ready for us to share knowledge. And there are already several schools which often come to our school, "she said.
    While other award recipients, that is Cibeureum Village as an Exemplary Village with Achievement from Kertasari District, Bandung Regency. Head of Cibeureum Epi Village, Nur Taufik Hidayat, is grateful to receive an award from the Governor of West Java.
    "We are very happy, because we from villages in remote areas can get a certificate of appreciation as an Outstanding Village Model by Governor, Ridwan Kamil," Epi said.
    Epi also told me that his village had carried out various innovations through digital technology, especially in the field of public services. This is in line with the West Java Provincial Government program which wants to advance the village through digitalization.
    "We have a digital library and almost everything we do at the village office uses digital, like the village service we have been online no longer manually," he said.
    Epi also hopes that the award can be a motivation for Cibeureum Village's community and devices to advance further.
    "Hopefully this award will add to our enthusiasm and can also be an example for other villages, so that they are ready to compete, excel in accordance with the government expectation ," Epi hoped.
    "And Alhamdulillah, now there are several villages that have conducted comparative studies to our village. We share knowledge about how to build a digital village and build optimal services, "he concluded.

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