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    Development Must Be Based on Population


    BANDUNG-Practitioner of the population Saut Munthe stated each development must be based on population data.

    It was revealed Saut in the discussion on the Population, Corruption and Drugs, which held Population Action Study Community (PSAK) in Bandung City Hall, Friday (8/4).

    He says the development which is based on population will be right on target.

    "Do not build with money oriented. Every time will build always asked him much fund needed. The right question should be ask first was is it accordance with the needs of the existing population,” he said.

    Construction must be responsive to the state of the existing population. Development can not turn a blind eye on the condition of the existing population.

    "The development of responsive it is based on existing demographic data. The development policy while Indonesia still has a population of 150 million people will be very different from the development policy to Indonesia's population is more than 250 million,” he explained.

    PSAK is a NGO established the students who concerned on the population in 1974 and then with the first name of Student Association or SA, which is currently switched back to be a government partner in the development of population.

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