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    KONI Targets a Minimum of 165 Golds and Overall Champion


    BANDUNG - The Chairman of West Java National Sports Committe of Indonesia (KONI), Ahmad Saefudin said that he is ready to maintain the overall champion at the 20th National Sports Week (PON) in Papua in October 2020.

    He stated that the athletes are very ready especially since the preparations have made in two years and officially in the great ceremony at Gedung Sate, Wednesday (8/14)

    "On a count, we will get about 165 golds from 768 gold which are competed," he said.

    Related to the mainstay sports branch, according to him, all branches will be the mainstay. Even, the all sports branches which are contested, 63 branches, will all be followed. Later, there will be 10 zones in  PON Papua 2020.

    "All are superior, all are same, we are fighting for the gold medal," he said.

    He said in the previous PON, West Java won overall champion in 18 sports, the superior to DKI Jakarta and East Java. He believes that he will be able to reach the target with the training which he has done so far. "The target is the overall champion, we have been training for a long time," he said. Jo

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