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    Crafters from Bekasi Change Telang Flower into Crafts and Food Ingredients


    BEKASI - Chairman of West Java National Crafts Council (Dekranasda), Atalia Praratya Kamil appreciates the processed of telang flowers into crafts and food ingredients which made by crafters from Bekasi, named Soepartiwi.

    According to Atalia, this is very interesting considering that it is very rare for those who know the benefit of telang flowers. Moreover, in the hands of Soepartiwi, telang flowers became goods which have a sale value.

    "Is is one extraordinary thing and should be appreciated in community, especially the businessman and crafters who are able to bring innovations. We can see this flower can be a design on batik, accessory on a brooch, necklace, also food, drinks and others, "said Atalia in Antique Unique Batik and Bistro, Bekasi, Wednesday (14/8/19).

    "The most important thing for me, especially the Chairman of Bekasi and whole range Dekranasda, hopefully this continues to be pushed and patented, "she added.

    Meanwhile, Soepartiwi said that she would continue to innovate by creating other types of creations which are beautiful, unique, and have a sale value, with ingredients
    basic of telang flowers. Besides having an attractive color, she said, telang flowers contains many health benefits.

    "We have telang flower icon because we cultivate telang flower and process it from raw materials. The examples are we have telang flower syrup, ingredients for blue rice, kolang kaling, pudding, air freshener, and various other types,"she said.

    "This flower is actually a natural dye, even if it is processed into food ingredients, it has not taste or tasteless but it has extraordinary benefit, one of them is an antioxidant,"she added.

    Soepartiwi admitted, telang flower is still less intesited in the country because many people who do not know the beauty and benefits. However, she said, if the community knows those two things, the telang flower will definitely be targeted.

    "Some who know, they are interested, but this definitely needs a faster promotion," she concluded.

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