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    West Java Governor Supports The Suggestion of Jatigede Special Economic Zone in Sumedang


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor, Ridwan Kamil welcomed well the suggestion of Jatigede dam area in Sumedang Regency to become a Special Economic Zone (SEZ).

    According to Emil -- as Ridwan Kamil is called, Sumedang needs to be developed into a tourism district with various potentials. As a follow up, Emil suggested Sumedang to form a Regional-Owned Enterprises (BUMD) in the tourism sector.

    "So, I hope now (Sumedang) will focus on becoming a tourism district because there are  many treasures," Emil said when receiving Sumedang Regent, Dony Ahmad Munir with his staff at Gedung Pakuan, Bandung, Wednesday (14/8/19).

    "Secondly, seriousness must be manifested in BUMD or tourism companies. Because the advantages of BUMD can do assignments," he added.

    However, Emil also gave suggestion so Jatigede's KEK do not only focus on the tourism sector. According to him, one of requirements for the formation of SEZ should not be just one sector, but there must be other sectors or industries to support the SEZ development.

    "The SEZ in Java cannot be full of tourism. I means it should be considered what non-tourism industries is a part of SEZ. As (KEK) Pangandaran decided to work on the marine industry," Emil said.

    To realize the Jatigede's KEK, Sumedang Regent, Dony Ahmad Munir took Indonesia Tourism Development Center (ITDC). According to Dony, ITDC has flashy experience in developing SEZ, including the Mandalika SEZ and Nusa Dua SEZ.

    "ITDC has an MoU (memorandum of understanding) with us to realize the KEK (Jatigede)," said Dony.

    Dony also stated that the Jatigede's KEK has a great opportunity to be developed because in terms of accessibility, the region can be taken 45-50 minutes from Kertajati Airport in Majalengka.

    "In terms of its attractions, in Jatigede there is a paragliding world championship. From the social facilities and public facilities are building by us," Dody added.

    In addition, Jatigede has a natural charm landscape which is not inferior to other areas in West Java. From one angle, visitors can see the landscape of the island line that is similar to the scenery in Raja Ampat.

    "In Cisema, there is a hill if at dawn we can see the sunrise. Then, see the Raja Ampat miniature because in Jatigede there are many islands, and at the same time can see (like) Bromo, because there are mountains stretching including Ciremai," said Dony.

    At present, the closest agenda in Jatigede is the West Java Paragliding World Championship and Culture Festival which will be held on 2-8 October 2019. The paragliding event itself is participated by participants from 20 countries.

    "We want Sumedang to be a paradise of world paragliding and a world-class tourist destination. With this event, we can promote Sumedang to the world," concluded Dody.

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