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    Netty Push APA Approach In Parenting


    Tasikmalaya-Chairman of Integrated Services Centre for Women and Children (P2TP2A) West Java Province Netty Heryawan mentioned a parent should conduct APA approach in educating children.

    "Among other things: Good Tutorial, because children have a choice of different characters and educational reasons. So that the child will be happy to engage in dialogue and communicate with parents that evoke comfort and a sense of comfort at home without having to find somewhere comfortable outside,” said Netty on Parenting Gathering Indonesia Scout Challenge West Java with Kak Seto with the theme of Educating Children With Love at Graha Plaza Asia Mall Tasikmalaya Thursday (04/07/16).

    Netty said there are three types of parents in educating children who can shape the character. Parents do not know how to educate children, parents pay a means assume a measure of success can be purchased with the affluent and conscious parents meant as parents understand how to prepare strategies and how to raise the willing to learn.

    "We need to believe with your child is an asset the future depends on the parenting applied by parents in the family. Wherever possible children avoid social problems, understanding of parents to care must be good, because it is better to prevent this,” she said.

    Chairman of the Board of Trustees Compass Child Protection, Seto Mulyadi said that as parents should love their children instead of violence that resulted in the destruction of character. The harmony of the parents can affect child development. Childhood is a time to play and creativity form.

    "Educating children should be in a fun and love so kids do not feel depressed and avoid violent behaviour and neglect," he said.

    On this occasion, Tasikmalaya Mayor Budi Budiman said the coaching family is very important in shaping the character of the nation. It is no age when parents educate children with such violence snapped with harsh words and overbearing. Instead parents should continue to support for the positive and build appropriate capabilities creativity of children.

    Activities initiated by Indonesia Scout Challenge in cooperation with the Java Post and Radar in West Java is about how parenting is good and loving. Parenting Gathering was held in 8 major cities in West Java. Cirebon was elected and became the first place implementation of this seminar.

    It was also attended by the Mayor of Tasikmalaya and Chairman of Kwarcab Tasikmalaya Budi Budiman, Head of Special Education in West Java and the Special Service Education West Java Dadang Rahman, Head of Education Department of Tasikmalaya, Chairman of P2TP2A Tasikmalaya Ety Atiah, Radar Tasikmalaya Dadan Ali Sundayana and as many as 7,000 participants present consists of elementary school, Scoutmaster, Principal, BK Teacher Association Council.

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