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    Preventing Hoax with T-H-I-N-K


    BEKASI CITY - Literacy Mother of West Java Atalia Praratya Kamil asked West Java people to be alert to the onslaught of hoax information. She said this when holding a Mobile Broadcast (Sarling) at SMA Negeri 1 Bekasi, Bekasi City, Wednesday (8/14/19).

    "Earlier, we agreed to carry out the anti-hoax declaration because we had begun to think that the hoax issue was very concerning. So, we were here together to hit the hoaks," Atalia said.

    Atalia also appealed to academics and students to check information in detail before distributing it. It is important to do to maintain the unity and integrity of the nation.

    "We do not want this community harmony to be divided because of the issues that cannot be accounted for. So, we must introduce this anti-hoax to all students, especially high school students," she said.

    According to Atalia, there are five things that must be done to ward off hoax. She called it T-H-I-N-K. T means True or checking the truth of information. Then, Helpful, which is thinking about the usefulness of information that will be disseminated.

    I itself means inspiring. That is, considering whether the information can inspire or not. Whereas, N is Necessary. The community must consider whether the information is necessary for other people. Finally, K or Kindness, which means people must pay attention to the purpose of the information itself.

    "So, if the news that is going to be spread does not have these five elements, stop hoax until your hands," she said.

    West Java Provincial Government has the West Java Sweep Clean (Saber)Hoax program. According to Atalia, the program must be fully supported by all levels of society. Because, Jabar Saber Hoax is tasked with monitoring, detecting, and educating the public.

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