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    Governor Invites Elected Parliament Members to Collaborate on Building West Java


    BANDUNG CITY - West Java (West Java) Governor Ridwan Kamil invited 120 members of the West Java Province Parliament for the 2019-2024 period to be elected to jointly develop the Pasundan Land, beginning with the two rhymes spoken in remarks.

    "Going on a Fiat ride with a lover, Buying a 24-carat dowry,
    Congratulations to the elected representatives.
    Let's move forward with West Java, "

    "When you meet the match,
    do not be confused immediately invite marriage
    Although different party origin,
    Let's support the champion of West Java physically and mentally. "

    That was the pantun from Ridwan Kamil in the presentation ceremony of Decree of Elected Candidates for Members of the West Java Province DPRD for the 2019-2024 Period at the West Java Election Commission (KPU) Office, Bandung City, Wednesday (8/14/19).

    "So, ladies and gentlemen, the competition event is over. Let's shake hands, let's focus on uniting together to build West Java," Emil added - familiar greeting Ridwan Kamil.

    Furthermore, Emil said that the West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) wanted to make the province a pilot area for sustainable development.

    "So, the good ones, the prestige from Mr. Aher (Ahmad Heryawan), the previous governor, we continue. Even in receiving trophies (awards) for West Java, I always Insyaallah be fair, expressing my gratitude to the Governor and Deputy Governor the previous ones who worked hard, "Emil said.

    "West Java must be an example of sustainability, sustainability of development," he stressed.

    Emil also expressed his condolences to 173 election organizers in West Java who died. According to Emil, that indicates the high cost of democracy in Indonesia.

    "I personally support the Pileg and the Presidential Election, if possible, do not merge (the implementation). Hopefully and I hear the discourse is going that way. I think it will be more beneficial, especially from the glasses of the legislative election," Emil said.

    According to the Chairman of the West Java KPU Rifqi Alimubarok, his party has set a political party (political party) which won a seat in the West Java Regional Parliament for the 2019-2024 Period on Tuesday (13/8). Of the 16 political parties participating in the elections in West Java, there are 10 political parties that get seats.

    "Now there are additional (seats in West Java DPRD). There are 120 seats, from (previously) 100 to 120," said Rifqi.

    Meanwhile, political parties that won seats in West Java DPRD namely Gerindra Party (25 seats), PKS (21), PDI Perjuangan (20), Golkar Party (16), PKB (12), Democratic Party (11), PAN (7), Party Nasdem (4), PPP (3), and the Perindo Party (1).
    "Of the 120 elected, there are 45 incumbents or old faces or around 37 percent of old members. And there are 75 new DPRD members or around 63 percent of new members," said Rifqi.

    "So, now the majority of West Java DPRD members are new faces, and around 19 percent of West Java DPRD members are women," he added.

    Rifqi also hopes that together with the elected members of the Regional Parliament of West Java 2019-2024 can build a better democracy in West Java.

    "Congratulations to the elected candidates to carry out their mandate and carry out their duties for the next five years," said Rifqi.

    "I hope we can all build a better West Java Election," he added.

    For this reason, Rifqi ensured that the stages of the elections in West Java went well and smoothly. The level of data accuracy is also expected to increase in the future.

    "The accuracy of voter data in West Java has improved. We (West Java Province) are not among the ten provinces whose election data are less valid," said Rifqi.

    While related to the level of election participation in West Java, said Rifqi, it is above the national target figure. The level of participation in either the presidential election or the legislative election is 82 percent.

    "The participation rate is approximately 82 percent both for the presidential election and legislative election from the national target of 75 percent," said Rifqi.

    "So, about 27 million of the 33 million registered as voters who were not present at the polling station were around 7 million. Of the 33 million who attended 27 million was extraordinary, (population) of one country if on the African or American continent," he continued .

    West Java Election Supervisory Body (Bawaslu) Chairman Wasikin Marzuki rate, the election in West Java has its own uniqueness. As from the voter data, West Java as the province with the highest number of voters.

    In the 2019 Election, West Java voters with approximately 33 million people voted simultaneously for the president and vice president, 91 members of the DPR RI, 120 members of the provincial DPRD, 1,285 members of the regency / city DPRD, and 4 members of the DPD RI. The number of election participants is 16 parties and the national election budget is around Rp24.8 trillion.

    "Therefore, in the process of guarding the 2019 elections in West Java, we do several things in guarding quality, integrity and democratic elections," said Wasikin.

    As in the prevention function, Bawaslu facing serious election problems, namely transactional elections or money politics and unfair contestation. For this reason, Bawaslu has made efforts to synergize between various parties, both with the community and the election participants themselves.

    "Then with the ranks of our government how to build an honest, fair, and fair election neutrality," said Wasikin.

    While related to voter validation, Bawaslu admitted that it had held plenary meetings up to three times. According to Wasikin, this indicates that there is seriousness of the Bawaslu in maturing the voters' data, so that it is expected that there will be no more double data or data that does not meet the requirements.

    "We together with the KPU oversee, verify, validate all aspects of voter data in West Java. Although the process is long, but part of an effort to present accurate and valid voter data quality," he said.

    On the same occasion, the Chairperson of West Java DPRD Ineu Purwadewi Sundari appreciated the smooth, peaceful and conducive elections in West Java.

    "We appreciate the smooth, peaceful and conducive general elections, although not a few of our Election organizers have died in their duties," Ineu said.

    Ineu also admitted that his party is now preparing for the inauguration ceremony of the Elected West Java DPRD 2019-2024. It is planned that the inauguration will be held on September 2, 2019 at Gedung Merdeka Kota Bandung.

    "We are currently in the preparatory stages in the context of the inauguration (Elected DPRD member of 2019-2024). God willing, it will be held at Gedung Merdeka Bandung," he concluded.

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