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    Atalia Praratya Encourages Children's Motivation to Eat Fish Through 'Mia and Fried Fish'


    BEKASI CITY - The Chairman of West Java Family Empowerment and Welfare (PKK) Building Team, Atalia Praratya Kamil, read a book titled 'Mia and Fried Fish' which she wrote when she visited Seroja 'Satuan PAUD Sejenis' (Early Childhood Education Programs(PAUD) Unit) in a Mobile Broadcasting (Sarling) activity in Bekasi City, Wednesday (14) / 8/19).

    According to Atalia, who is also the Mother of West Java Early Childhood Education Programs (PAUD), her goal of reading the book is to motivate children to love eating fish. Fish, she said, contain high protein which can make children develop healthy, smart, and cheerful.

    "My children, mom will read a book called Mia and Fried Fish. This book is written by myself to remind children and parents at home about the importance of eating fish," said Atalia.

    At the same time, Atalia reminded parents to continue working to instill a culture of reading in children. According to her, there are two things that can determine children's future, that are reading and eating fish.

    "Let's make it a habit for our children to eat fish from an early age. Besides eating fish, children are also accustomed to reading. Reading can be anything, textbooks, fairy tales books, or any book as long as it's positive," she said.

    "These two things can start at home and of course our job as parents is to prepare, remind and set an example," Atalia added.

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