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    Releasing PON XX Athletes, Emil Plug in the Kujang


    BANDUNG - The Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil plunged a typical weapon of West Java namely Kujang into a banana tree in the big ceremony West Java Contingent for the National Sports Week (PON) XX / 2020 Papua in the Gedung Sate Field, Bandung City, Wednesday (8/14/19).

    "Insyaallah, with determination and strong intentions, West Java Champion, West Java must win," shouted Ridwan Kamil together with the Chairman of the West Java National Sports Committee of Indonesia (KONI) Ahmad Saefudin.

    As many as 1,446 West Java pride athletes who took part in the big ceremony were determined to be ready to attend regional training (pelatda) as a preparation for competing in the PON.

    To athletes, coaches, to Sports (Cabor) caretaker, Emil -Ridwan Kamil's nickname- left four messages that are first, athletes must have a strong physique.

    "Secondly, besides physical, the people of West Java have extraordinary intelligence. Then, win the competition not only with sweat but also tactics, and science (sport science)," Emil added.

    Third, related to emotional quotient alias EQ, Emil asked athletes and officials to be friendly and polite while in Papua.

    "So, when in Papua, smile, greeting, friendly, so that the friendly image of West Java is not only in their hometown, but also when becoming a guest and when competing too. Don't feel arrogant," said Emil.

    "The fourth message, spiritual quotient. Don't forget to pray. Humans try and pray, but God still determines," he said.

    For PON 2020 Papua, the West Java contingent participated in all the sports from 63 sports competed with 768 gold medals. Emil is optimistic that the athletes could become the general champion in the 20th edition of PON in accordance with the catchword 'West Java Champion' with a target of 165 gold.

    Previously, West Java succeeded in becoming the general champion of PON 2016 when West Java was the host with 217 gold, 154 silver and 158 bronze medals with a total of 529 medals. Emil also hopes that the positive trend will continue until the next edition. "Insyaallah, in 2020 PON become general champion, in 2024 become general champion, and continously become general champion," Emil exclaimed.

    Regarding operational funds for athletes and officials, Emil ensured that the funds had been disbursed for PON 2020. "I make sure all of the funds for you (athletes and officials) for PON 2020 have been disbursed," he concluded. (Pun)

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