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    West Java Provincial Government Program to Overcome Environmental Issues: From Si Perut Laper to TPPAS


    JAKARTA - In accordance with the mandate of Law No.32 / 2009 concerning Environmental Protection and Management (PPLH), either the central government or the regional government must develop an information system that supports the implementation of PPLH.

    In the leadership of West Java Governor, Ridwan Kamil, and Deputy Governor, Uu Ruzhanul Ulum, the mandate was carried out through Green Leadership program in the Regional Medium-Term Development Plan (RPJMD) to speed up the growth and equitable environmental development and continuous spatial planning.

    Various development action plans, including the implementation of environmental conservation plan, were also carried out through collaboration implementation in Pentahelix which involved Academics, Business, Community, Government, and Media (ABCGM).

    "Our political statement already has the word 'environment' and 'sustainable', it means that our development is sustainable," said Ridwan Kamil when attending Presentation and 2019 Nirwasita Tantra Assessment Interview, at Manggala Wanabakti Building, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (08/13/2019) .

    According to Emil - Ridwan Kamil's nickname, the environmental issue that was sticking out in West Java was part of the vast area dynamics, and with the dynamics of 50 million people who held various activities.

    Through DPSIR analysis (Driving Force, Pressure, State, Impact, and Response), environmental issues in West Java. The following are land and forest spatial problems, surface water resources, solid waste, and air pollution.

    Environmental issues related to the changes in land use and forest, have raised some problems such as critical lands, erosion, floods, and landslides. The solution is to take care of land cover and land use.

    In addition, the West Java Regional Government (Pemdaprov) undertakes reforestation efforts, protected area management, and mangrove forest rehabilitation with the support of budgeting and regional regulations.

    Regarding land use, West Java also has a digital program called 'Si Perut Laper' aka the Plantation Land Allotment Information System. Through this application, the farmers can adjust the types of commodities with land conditions and planting time by using a gadget.

    Emil hopes that this link-and-match can increase the amount of production while preserving the environment.

    Meanwhile, the threats of surface water resources issue depends on the growth rate of industries that make the environment burdened by industrial waste pollution; therefore, it is implied to public health.

    This issue was responded by some innovations such as law enforcement through river patrols, supervision of environmental permits, utilization of agricultural waste, and the Citarum Harum program.

    Infrastructure about water has also been developed by saving water through the construction of seven new strategical reservoirs in West Java that are the Ciawi Reservoir in Bogor Regency, Sukamahi Reservoir in Bogor Regency, Kuningan Reservoir in Kuningan Regency, Cipanas Reservoir which includes Sumedang Regency and Indramayu, Sadawarna Reservoir in Subang Regency, Leuwikeris Reservoir in Tasikmalaya Regency, and the Matenggeng Reservoir in Pangandaran Regency.

    In addition, there is the Properda program or Regional Companies Performance Ranking Program. The companies in West Java will get a rating based on the good or bad that the company has given to the environment.

    "Companies that give a bad impression on the environment will get sanctions, and the environmentally friendly ones will get an appreciation" Emil said.

    Regarding solid waste, Emil said that the issue of this generation is a side effect of high population growth and is worsened by waste management systems that are not yet optimal.

    The West Java Regional Government also has a Garbage Champion (Sampah Juara) movement to handle it by supporting the construction of Regional Disposal and Waste Processing (TPPAS), and community-based waste management through ecovillage programs that have been implemented in 388 villages / village office in 18 districts / cities.

    "The biggest homework is in education, we invite people to care about the environment," said Emil.

    Besides that, West Java focuses on utilizing waste into energy or 'waste for energy' through TPPAS processing in several areas in Ciayumajakuning TPPAS (Cirebon Regency, Cirebon City, Indramayu Regency) and Lulur Nambo TPPAS (Bogor Regency, Bogor City, Depok City , South Tangerang City).

    "Solid waste also focuses on 'waste to energy' for example TPPAS Lulur Nambo by recycling into RDF (refusing derived fuel) which becomes fuel for the cement industry and compost for plantations," Emil said.

    Besides that, Emil's overseas visit also gave birth to a partnership with a British company, Plastic Energy, to process plastic waste into biodiesel.

    Finally, environmental issues related to air pollution are a side effect of the high use of vehicles and industries. The exhaust emissions of transportation and industries are burdening the air and are implied on public health.

    "Our index of air pollution is good, we also have local regulations to make West Java's air good. We harmonize with exhaust emissions program that we always maintain," Emil said.

    The program is Blue Sky (Langit Biru), air quality monitoring with a passive sampler technique, and an Earth Hour agenda that is held annually.

    2019 Nirwasita Tantra
    2019 Nirwasita Tantra is an award given by the government to regional heads for their leadership in formulating and implementing policies, and / or work programs in accordance with the principles of sustainable development methodologies to improve the quality of the environment in their regions.

    The Secretary General, KLHK Bambang Hendroyono, said that his party would assess the harmonization of the executive and legislative relations that is very important in maintaining the stabilization of the government which determines environment functions and other public needs.

    The Nirwasita Tantra award assessment is based on the Regional Environmental Management Performance Information Document (DIKPLHD) that is compiled annually by the Regional Government, including the West Java Regional Government.

    "After going through the assessment of documents sent by regions, the assessment team then conducted interviews with regional heads who deserved for Nirwasita Tantra award," said Bambang.

    The assessment team are academics, practitioners and environmentalists. They are Hariadi Kartodihardjo, Lilik Budi, Suryo Adibowo, Henri Subagio, Brigita Isworo, and Chalid Muhammad.

    2019 is the fourth year of Nirwasita Tantra award. This year, KLHK holds 233 documents with 27 documents from provincial level, 148 district level documents, and 58 documents from city areas.


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