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    West Java Livestock and Food Security Department Holds Menu Design Contest (LCM)


    BANDUNG - Located in Gedung Sate parking lot, a total of 26 teams from Family Empowerment and Welfare (PKK) Building Team in districts and cities of West Java took part in Menu Design Contest 2019.

    Head of West Java Livestock and Food Security Department, Kusmayadi said that later the overall champion would represent West Java at the national level local food festival, which will be held on the national food day on October 10 in the city of Kendari, Central Sulawesi.

    "Invitation to 27 districts and cities, but minus the City of Bekasi," he said, who is also the chairman of the event, Tuesday (13/8).

    The menu contest is related to the use of local ingredients, innovations, and be presented in the form of lunch box packages, which contain staple foods, animal side dishes, vegetable and fruit vegetables. Then with a recipe and a simple business analysis, starting from the cost of raw materials and the selling price of the Lunchbox package.

    "Of course, based on local resources which are safe and halal. Taste is also part of the assessment and innovation," he explained. Then the jury decided that Bogor City would be a representative for the national championship.

    Meanwhile PKK Builder Chair, Atalya Kamil said that we should be grateful because Indonesia's season supports food diversity.

    "From walking around each stand, I saw many innovative foods with local food ingredients such as hanjeli, cassava, and some even use katuk and moringa leaves," she said.

    This condition shows that food innovation is always carried out by the community, so sometimes she is quite surprised to still find a community that only gives children the modest potential, for example only crackers and soy sauce or with only salted fish. The important thing is full.

    "It means that it has not been able to exploit the potential around. Even though it can maintain fish or grow vegetables on the yard. This is good for food diversity and dishes," he said.

    So, she encourages the PKK in regent/city to always invite the community to take advantage of the potential not around. Jo

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