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    The Simultaneous Declaration of 360 Villages in West Java to Eradicate Drugs


    CIANJUR REGENCY - Daily Task of West Java Regional Secretary, Daud Achmad said that there needed a special strategy to deal with the drug problem through a balance between law enforcement and health approaches in the community.

    "Obviously, the legal approach aims to break the chain of drug suppliers from producers to the distribution network," Daud said whhen attending the Simultaneous Declaration of 360 Drug-Free Villages in the Assakinah Building, Cianjur Regency, Tuesday (13/8/19).

    "While the health approach aims to break the chain of drug users by treatment or rehabilitation," he added.

    In addition, Daud said prevention efforts and community empowerment must be optimized so people can be protected from the dangers of drug abuse.

    "By protecting our people, it will produce healthy and superior human resources to take a part in facing globalization and increasingly severe challenges," Daud said.

    From the results of a national survey in 34 provinces in 2017, the number of drug abusers reached 645,482 people, with a total loss of social and economic costs due to drug abuse reaching over Rp 16 billion.

    West Java itself is a province with the highest social and economic costs due to drug abuse with the highest concentration of abusers in Indonesia.

    Nevertheless, the West Java Provincial Government (Pemdapro) keeps trying to prevent and eradicate narcotics, according to Presidential Instruction of the Republic of Indonesia Number 6 of 2018 concerning regional action plans for the prevention and eradication of narcotics abuse and illicit trafficking and narcotics precursors in 2018-2019.

    "In line with that, the instructions have been followed up by the West Java Regional Government by West Java Governor Instruction Number 1 of 2016 concerning regional action plans for the prevention and eradication of narcotics abuse and illicit trafficking in 2016-2020," Daud said.

    By the Governor's Instruction, the regency/city Regional Government, Regional Secretary, Assistant, Inspector, and the heads of regional apparatus in the West Java Regional Government are expected to take an active part in preventing and eradicating drugs in all regions without exception.

    In addition, the West Java Provincial Government has also made a circular letter from the West Java Governor Number 354/09/Yanbangsos regarding strengthening the program for the Prevention and Eradication Abuse and Illicit Circulation of Drugs (P4GN).

    The contents of the P4GN are: (1) Implementing the P4GB program for the State Civil Apparatus (ASN) in the West Java Regional Government and regency/city government; (2) Do socialization about the dangers of abuse of Narcotics to all ASNs and ASN candidates in each regional apparatus; (3) Do urine test activity for ASN and ASN candidates for West Java Provincial Government and regency/city governments and budgeting for the procurement of urine test equipment throughout the OPD instructed to carry out urine tests and their implementation can be cooperated with West Java BNNP; (4) Regent/Mayor and Head of regional apparatus of West Java  in order to implement the village program and the Drug-Free School/Sekolah Bersih Narkoba (Bersinar), so that they can run comprehensively in a sustainable and efficient manner for rural/urban communities to the neighborhood units (RT) and community units (RW) level in an effort P4GN.

    Also, (5) To the Regent/Mayor and Head of the West Java Regional Apparatus in order to instruct all hospitals or community health center to provide rehabilitation services for drug addicts and or abusers, and (6) Establish an anti-Narcotics task force / volunteer unit as well as Person In Charge (PIC) for reporting the P4GN National Action Plan (RAN) in each regional apparatus.

    Head of the National Narcotics Agency (BNN), Heru Winarko said the results of the study showed that West Java is the highest for drug users among teenagers with a percentage of 3 to 5 percent. West Java became the main focus of BNN because it contained 20 percent of Indonesia's population.

    May the prevention and eradication of drug abuse in West Java will indirectly reduce the national rate to below 2 percent - the reference to the world average standard of tolerance from the United Nations Office on Drugs And Crime (UNDOC).

    Heru also appealed the community to work together to eradicate and prevent drug trafficking. "Including if there are users and transactions, just arrest it. It is catching hands, anyone can catch it and then hand it over to the police or BNN for processing," Heru said.

    According to Acting of Cianjur Regent, Herman Suherman, the Drug-Free Villages Simultaneous Declaration activity is a follow-up after the arrest of suspected marijuana drug dealers by Wesr Java Narcotics Agency (BNNP) and Cianjur Narcotics Agency (BNNK).

    The 26 kg of evidence is the North Sumatra network that occurred in the area of Sukanagalih Village, Pacet Subdistrict, Cianjur Regency, on 17 January.

    As for the Drug-Free Villages Simultaneous Declaration involving 360 villages and sub-districts, Cianjur Regency has designated eight villages and two villages as pilot projects, including Cirumput Village, Cugenang Sub-District, Cikahuripan Village, Gekbrong Sub-District, Ciherang Village, Haurwangi Sub-District, Sukanagalih Village, Cikalong Sub-District , Batulawang Village, Cipanas Subdistrict, Sukamanah Subdistrict, Kemang Village, Bojongpicung Subdistrict, Bangun Jaya Village, Campaka Subdistrict, and Sawah Gede Subdistrict, Cianjur Subdistrict.

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