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    Expanding Vaccine Services, Imunicare Enters Jakarta


    JAKARTA (12/8/2019) - Imunicare, a vaccination service owned by a state-owned enterprise, Bio Farma Pharmacy, has expanded its network into capital market in collaboration with Telkomedika as a health business entity owned by Telkom Group.

    Immunicare vaccination service which was inaugurated in Bandung last January 2019 was carried out on Monday, August 12, 2019 at Merah Putih Telkom Building, Jakarta. It was opened by TELKOM's Director of Human Capital Management, Mr. Edi Witjara.

    Bio Farma is a state-owned enterprise which its share is 100% owned by the government. Bio Farma is the only vaccine and antisera producer in Indonesia, and its products have obtained WHO PQ. Those make this company which will be 129 years old in August gain trust in more than 140 countries; 50 of them are Islamic countries. With a production capacity of 3.2 billion doses per year, 50% of the capacity is prioritized for the needs of the National Immunization Program from Indonesian Ministry of Health. The remaining capacity is exported through WHO, UNICEF, PAHO and bilateral cooperation.

    In his remarks, Disril Revolin Putra said that with the philosophy of 'Dedicated to Improve Quality of Life', Bio Farma has two strategic roles. Those are providing good quality vaccines for national needs, and playing an active role in increasing the availability and independence of vaccine production in developing and islamic countries to maintain global health security. As a state-owned enterprise, its presence must be felt by all levels of community in Indonesia, either in big cities or remote areas.

    Since the end of January 2019, Bio Farma has developed a vaccination service called Immunicare with a motto- "Solution to Immunity". It aims to meet the community's needs for a complete and comfortable vaccination service, and to assist the government in order to increase coverage of Adult Immunization.

    "Our goal to jump into the retail market where we previously played for the B2B sector. B2G is to bring our vaccination services closer to the end-user (the community); moreover, with the increase of public awareness to maintain their health. Then, we want to increase medicine access for the community. So, it can help raising the coverage of adult immunization, "said Disril.

    Imunicare Service Manager, Erwin Setiawan said that Imunicare with the motto- "Solution to Immunity" invites clinics, hospitals and practice places to build partnerships with Imunicare. "By becoming the part of Imunicare, partner candidates will get benefits such as some various service standards of vaccination. It will be started from received vaccines until the vaccine that is given to the community. It also includes training related to products such as Cold Chain Systems, waste treatment, and information and technology support; especially about product knowledge like Post-Immunization Incidents (KIPI) to medical staff," said Erwin.

    The Imunicare vaccination clinic that collaborates with Telkomedika will provide basic and adult vaccines such as meningitis and flu vaccines for umrah pilgrim candidates, cervix, and several other vaccines at affordable prices and with guaranteed authenticity of the products. At the end of July 2019, Imunicare was also inaugurated in Makassar. In early August, Imunicare was opened in Medan. At the end of August 2019, it will be opened in Denpasar. (Pun)

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