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    West Java Governor Supports UMMA Indonesia as an Innovation in Religious Life


    BANDUNG CITY- West Java (West Java) Governor Ridwan Kamil said digital technology was proven to facilitate community activities. This was conveyed by the governor when receiving PT. Khazanah Prima Success with the UMMA Indonesia application brand in Pakuan Building, Bandung City, Monday (12/08/2019).

    Activities that are facilitated, said Emil - familiar greeting Ridwan Kamil - among others in terms of meeting spiritual needs and enhancing spirituality. Emil also appreciated the presence of UMMA as a digital platform that is in harmony with the demands of an all-round easy and sophisticated at this time.

    Therefore, Emil encouraged the public to utilize the positive content presented by UMMA in order to encourage the vision and development mission of West Java Champion Born Inner as an effort to develop human morals.

    "Champion was born, inwardly, with innovation and collaboration, the keywords have been obtained. We have many programs related to public awareness. As content, UMMA has its platform," Emil said.

    Later, the cooperation between the Provincial Government of West Java and UMMA in the form of a program of public works program, one of which is to present information or various news about public health in West Java through digital channels.

    Among them is information about the One Hafidz One Village program, Mesra Mesra, and OPOP (One Pesantren One Product). The hope is that UMMA will become a service that supports the lifestyle of Muslims, both in Indonesia and for the world community.

    "Maybe it could be a catalog of Islamic boarding school products, providing information on mosques that provide Mesra Credit, or the weekly news of Fajr Congregation (Traveling), and Magrib recites the Koran," Emil said.

    "We want to make a positive (viral), multiply provision, so that West Java scholars understand digital platforms," ??he added.

    For other work plans, Emil said there was an initiation to digitize the yellow books or books written by scholars in the country. "UMMA can also be an encyclopedia about Islam. Of course it takes time, we start this semester," Emil said.

    According to CEO of UMMA Indonesia Indra Wiralaksamana, his party offered a variety of personalized Islamic content by utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The public relations application has now been downloaded around 3 million users.

    Indra also said that his party was open in synergizing the platform under its management with public awareness programs that were being developed in West Java. In addition, UMMA saw an opportunity to present content when other applications focused on providing a prayer schedule, Qibla direction, and digital Koran, and so on.

    Indra also hoped that UMMA could become a leading platform of knowledge and information on Islam. The UMMA data sources are Islamic organizations, news portals, online and offline Muslim communities, to various institutions as well as centers of Islamic education.

    "The Muslim community can use UMMA to preach. UMMA could be the Facebook of Muslims," ??Indra said.

    UMMA application users themselves are aged between 18-34 years. Furthermore, with innovation and collaboration with the West Java Provincial Government, Indra is ready to present creative content for the sake of giving a spiritual splash to Millennial (Generation Y) and Generation Z.

    "Studying religion need not always be rigid, UMMA lifestyle applications for Muslims," ??he concluded.

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