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    Positive Progress of Ciremai Fire Management


    BANDUNG - Handling forest fires at Ciremai Kuningan Mountain shows positive progress. According to West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil every day the fire point continues to decrease after a blackout by helicopter.

    "The progress is positive alhmadulillah, based on today's report the number of fire points continues to decrease especially after a blackout using a water boom using a helicopter" he said, after carrying out Eid al-Adha prayers at the Gasibu Field in Bandung, Sunday (11/08/2019)

    Ridwan Kamil thanked BNPB for handling the fire on the highest mountain peak in West Java quickly, so that the fires due to the drought did not continue to spread.

    "I have already called Pak Doni directly (Doni Munardo, head of BNPB), I have conveyed my gratitude and requested continued coordination with relevant agencies in West Java," he said.

    Emil said that the handling of forest fires in Ciremai was indeed difficult because the fire point was on the summit and the slopes were difficult to reach manually by land. (Even)

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