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    Ridwan Kamil: The Spirit of Qurbani is in line with The Spirit of Independence


    BANDUNG CITY – The Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil did Eid al-Adha Prayer 10 Dzulhijjah 1440 Hijri at the West Java Province Level in Gasibu Field, Bandung City, Sunday (11/8/19). 

    In his speech, Emil – Ridwan Kamil’s nickname – said that the spirit of Qurbani in Eid al-Adha was in line with the spirit of the fighters who were willing to sacrifice for the red independence of Indonesia. 

    It is can be seen from the sacrifice of the prophet Ibrahim AS, which the faith was tested by Allah SWT to slaughter his son. The event in the Al-Qur’an is a very long story, but the wisdom from that event will not be lost in the life of Muslims. 

    The story provides a lesson for the smallest unit of society, nation, and state, that is the family, must have a high sacrifice for the interest of religion, nation, and state.

    According to Emil, the meaning of Eid Al-Adha prayer must be contemplated, internalized, and practiced as a motivation that in this life, in essence, Muslims must be able to provide benefits to people in the surrounding environment.

    “Next week is the independence day of Indonesia, our freedom was wrested with blood and tears, extraordinary sacrifice, Hubbul Wathon Minal Iman,” he said.

    The Eid Al-Adha day is close to Indonesia’s independence day, said Emil, it is expected to foster gratitude for the love given by Allah SWT to the Indonesian people. Besides, that moment is also expected to foster Islamic faith favors, as well as foster a sense of nationalism, love Indonesia.

    “Let us express the individual piety of each of us, which for a long time we build to strengthen the side of human spirituality. Let us manifest, implement, reflect, and appreciate in social life,” he said.

    If the community of West Java has advanced understanding, the implementation of religion in the community, Emil is optimistic that the vision of West Java “Jawa Barat Juara Lahir Batin” with collaboration and innovation can be realized optimally. 

    The Khatib in the Eid al-Adha prayer, KH. Dodo A. Murtado, talking about the issue of Eid al-Adha could not be separated from the great figures who are prophetic and apostolic are recognized by three celestial religions, that are Islam, Christianity, and Judaism, that is the prophet Ibrahim AS.

    “There are also those who give the title as Abul Anbiya, the father of the Prophets. The example in his figure as the head of the family can only be equaled to the figure of Imron ‘Alayhi salam who also gave birth to the Prophets, this is enshrined by Allah in the Al-Qur’an surah Ali’ Imron verse 33,” he said.

    According to Dodo, the essence of worship is a sacrifice, whether it is mahdhoh worship such as; prayer, zakat, fasting, and pilgrimage, as well as mahdhoh gair worship such as positive activities such as social activities.

    Eid al-Adha, said Dodo, closely related to leadership, as for the leadership that is intended to be general, can be a family leader, a leader of boarding school, an educational institution leader, leaders in government, and so on.

    “The greater the are of his leadership, the greater the reward he achieves from his achievements, the greater the responsibility and risk. In every responsibility, there is a sacrifice behind it. The greater the responsibility that is borne, the heavier the sacrifice must be faced,” he said.

    Meanwhile, West Java Provincial Eid al-Adha prayer committee who is also the chairman of West Java National Zakat Agency, Arif Ramdani, said that West Java Provincial Government Officials and State Civil Apparatus have done Qurbani, which are technically handed over to National Zakat Agency, managed in their respective OPDs, or implemented in the hometown.

    ASN in West Java Provincial Government who entrust sacrificial animal to West Java National Zakat Agency totaled 298, with a total of 36 cows and 46 sheep. “All sacrificial animals are distributed to remote villages, boarding schools, institutions, Islamic mass organizations, grand mosques, security, and cleaning officers,” he said. 

    The implementation of Eid al-Adha prayer and animal slaughter are carried out in the Gedung Sate complex, West Java Pusdai, Gedung Negara Pakuan, West Java Grand Mosque, and mosques under the Islamic Central Management Board (BPIC) of West Java Provincial Government.

    “Hopefully, this year’s Qurbani will draw us closer to Allah,” he said.

    In the Eid al-Adha prayer at Gasibu Field, also attended The Acting of West Java Provincial Secretary, Daud Achmad, West Java Province Forkopimda, Echelon Officials, The Ministry of Religion, West Java Indonesian Council of Ulema, West Java elders/religious leaders, State Civil Apparatus and West Java residents.

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