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    Ridwan Kamil’s Message to Indonesian Diaspora: Don’t Give Up Easily and Be Consistent


    JAKARTA – The Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil advised the Indonesian Diaspora not to give up easily, be consistent, and love the job when you have a career abroad. That message was stated by Emil – Ridwan Kamil’s nickname – when being a speaker at the 5th Congress of Indonesian Diaspora at Kasablanka Hall, Jakarta, Saturday (10/8/19).

    “Success comes from loving our job, be consistent and don’t give up. Insyaallah success,” he said.

    Emil also shared his 5 years experience when he had a career in the United States as an architect. According to him, one of the biggest obstacles faced by Indonesian community when working abroad is that lack of confidence.

    Unconfidence comes from the perception that people from abroad are greater. Whereas, Emil said, Indonesian people who have a career abroad naturally have the competence and can compete. 

    “Many of our generations are great, but sometimes they are not confident to compete abroad. So, they think foreign people are still cool and good. That perceptions do exist, but after undergoing, success depends on us. Not because of the face type and blood,” he said.

    Emil also hopes that Indonesian Diaspora can contribute to the development of Indonesia, including West Java. “In West Java, there are poor villages that can be assisted by the Diaspora, or we want to promote West Java coffee to the world. Those who live all over the world can be local partners promoting Indonesia through coffee or culinary,” he said.

    “Whatever the profession, Diaspora maintain the spirit of developing Indonesia, that’s a key, because what binds us is Indonesia,” he added.

    The fifth Indonesian Diaspora Congress was guided by The Chairman of Indonesian Diaspora Network (IDN) Dino Patti Jalal. Several speakers starting from officials to public figures, such as The Mayor of Bogor Bima Arya, also gave advice and shared his experience.

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