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    Piala Humas Jabar 2019: The Spirit of Ridwan Kamil Brings West Java into Champion


    BANDUNG CITY - Hundreds of invited guests from various cities and regencies in West Java filled The Trans Luxury Hotel Bandung Ballroom, Friday (9/8/19), at 19:30 WIB, at the Piala Humas Jabar 2019.

    After the gala dinner, dances, and an opening by MC Edi Brokoli and Sarah Ayu, a 'pantun'spoken from the stage was enough to grab audience's attention.

    'Makan timbel dengan goreng tahu
    Ditutup acar dan ikan asin
    Bersama Kang Emil dan Kang Uu
    Kita sambut Jabar Juara Lahir Batin'

    West Java Governor, Ridwan Kamil, was the speaker at this event. The 'pantun' and speech became the opening of Informil (Informasi Ridwan Kamil), Kang Emil's debut talk show which was the first segment of Piala Humas Jabar 2019.

    On stage, Emil invited three of his colleagues as guest stars; they were Deputy Regent of West Bandung Regency, Hengky Kurniawan, Bogor Mayor, Bima Arya, and Village Chief of Lebaksiliwangi, Nur.

    In that first episode, Emil discussed the important role of social media for public relations. Hengky, with more than 2 million followers, added that social media had a positive role to accommodate creative ideas.

    Meanwhile, Bima also said that social media was often double-eyed; for example, Bima's old video of monitoring floods was re-uploaded. It was causing anxiety.

    Well, to fight hoax or false news, Emil then re-introduced one of Ridwan Kamil-Uu Ruzhanul Ulum's (Rindu) superior programs namely Jabar Saber Hoaks (JSH). "Every week, this work unit posts five news hoax in West Java," Emil said.

    Then, Informil closed around 21:57 WIB. After that, the Piala Humas Jabar 2019 went to the agenda of signing the MoU of the West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) with the Central Bureau of Statistics and PT Link Net (First Media), and also launched the West Java Open Data.

    Next, the Piala Humas Jabar 2019 came to the top of the event that was the awarding of public relations and protocols from various agencies and political parties throughout West Java.

    In addition, there was a Lifetime Achievement Award given to the senior of RRI Bandung journalist, Ritha Suryalaga.

    The Piala Humas Jabar 2019 was closed by GIGI's performance until 22:35 WIB. Dozens of invited guests, including Ridwan Kamil and his wife, Atalia Praratya, came to the front of the stage and enjoyed every beat of the top musicians' music.

    Piala Humas Jabar 2019 itself was only held this year. With the theme 'One Year Reflection of West Java Champion', this event depicted various regional achievements under the leadership of Rindu for the sake of Juara Lahir Batin.

    Here are the winners of the Piala Humas Jabar 2019:
    Protocol host of city / district category:
    1st winner Laras Anisa (Garut Regency)
    2nd winner Sri Purwanti (Pangandaran Regency)
    3rd winner Rini Megawanti (Kuningan District)

    Protocol host of student category:
    1st winner Arki Arji Pengstu (Majalengka University)
    2nd winner Mehdi Hairi Yazdi (Padjadajran University)
    3rd winner Farghenian Nur I (UIN Sunan Gunung Djati)

    PPID of regional information device disclosure category:
    1. Regional Revenue Agency
    2. Cooperatives and Small Business Office
    3. Regional Library and Archives Office

    PPID of complaints management in the regional apparatus category:
    1. Investment and One Stop Integrated Services Office
    2. Regional Revenue Agency
    3. Food Crops and Horticulture Office

    PPID of political party information disclosure category:
    1. West Java Regional Leadership Council of the Democratic Party
    2. West Java Regional Leadership Council of the Demokrasi Indonesia dan Perjuangan Party
    3. West Java Regional Leadership Council of NasDem Party

    PPID of regional election commission information disclosure category:
    1. Bekasi City Election Commission
    2. Depok City Election Commission
    3. Garut Regency Election Commission

    PPID of vertical information agency category:
    1. West Java Central Bureau of Statistic
    2. West Java Regional Office of Religion Ministry
    3. Supreme Audit Board Representative of West Java

    PPID of city / district government information disclosure category:
    1. Bekasi City
    2. Bandung Regency
    3. Bandung City

    PPID of city / district government complaint management category:
    1. Bandung City
    2. Karawang Regency
    3. Sumedang Regency

    PPID of regionally-owned enterprises information disclosure category:
    1. PT. BPD West Java and Banten, Tbk
    2. PT. Facility Services
    3. PT. West Java Jamkrida

    City / district level social media management:
    1. Bogor City
    2. Bandung City
    3. Sukabumi City

    Village level social media management:
    1. Masawah Pangandaran Village (@Desamasawah)
    2. Gelar Anyar Cianjur Village (@Desa_gelaranyar)
    3. Rawalele Subang Village (@Desa_Rawalele)

    Village level social media management:
    1. Lebaksiliwangi Village, Bandung City (@Kelurahanlebaksiliwangi)
    2. Jatimurni Village Bekasi City (@ kelurahan.jatimurni) l
    3. Cimahpar Village, Bogor City (@kelcimahpar)

    Information services through the internet (website) city / district:
    1. Cianjur Regency
    2. Bogor City
    3. Tasikmalaya Regency

    The most popular institutions in the media of West Java Province regions category:
    Mass media (Education Office)
    Social media (Regional Revenue Agency)

    Most popular institutions in the media of West Java regional secretariat category:
    Mass media (Bureau of Government and Cooperation)
    Social media (Bureau of Law and Human Rights)

    Lifetime Achievement
    Ritha Suryalaga (Mamih Rita) - Senior RRI journalist in Bandung.


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