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    Deddy Mizwar Push Campus to Facilitate The Student Film Community


    MALANG - Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar said, to create a quality television program and survive in the long term, we need a humanity content values , such as presenting a scene that educate as well as entertain.

    Deddy concerned that lately a lot of television programs that show scenes less educated and even led to criminal.

    It is said Deddy when asked to be a speaker in Popular Television Program Surgery Workshop at the Emtek Goes to Campus event at University of Brawijaya, on Wednesday (06.04.16) yesterday.

    Daddy as an actor, shared his experiences and knowledge to hundreds of students. He said, to determine the quality of impressions needed critical attitudes of the younger generation, such as honing their knowledge to make a short film.

    "Actually, there is now a means of expression of young people ie short film community, so it would appear critical power of young people to choose the shows for viewing quality," said Deddy. Because according to a growing number of people are watching the bad film, it will be born more bad impressions. "But if there is awareness and appreciation of quality impressions for young children it will also give birth to works of quality and more creative," he added.

    Deddy therefore requested that universities facilitate students to make short films. "So multiply the short films organised by the university so that there is a growing appreciation of young people to the shows quality," he concluded.

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