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    The Important Role of Government Public Relations in the Era of Media Convergence


    BANDUNG - In the era of communication and information technology, Government Public Relations is required to move swiftly to fill the public information space. Do not let the information circulating in the community become a stumbling block for the government in running the development wheel. Therefore, Government Public Relations must work hard in delivering information related to what have been done.

    According to the Director General of Public Information and Communication of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (Kemenkominfo), Rosarita Niken Widiastuti, the government's performance will not be meaningful if it is not delivered properly to the public.

    "Even though the government has worked hard, but if it is not delivered to the public, the community also does not know what the government is doing. This information and communication issue are very important," Niken said as a PR Summit speaker at the West Java Public Relations Cup 2019 in The Trans Luxury Hotel, Bandung, Friday (9/8/19).

    Niken said that Government Public Relations need to build a positive image of the institution through the development program that has been implemented. Therefore, negative information will not develop in community.

    Then, Niken stated that Government Public Relations must collaborate with various related parties in delivering a narrative of optimism. It is important to build the intelligence of the nation.

    "So, this is a good text from West Java 'Jabar Juara', it is something optimistic. The champion's mentality is mentality continuing to improve," she said.

    In this occasion, Niken also alluded to the role of government social media that needs to be carried out by Government Public Relations. Niken said, the social media space of government needs to actively deliver information through digital formats. It can be a characteristic or public relations character that serves the information needs of the community.

    "Video graphics, graphic information that is modern are very necessary. So the character of public relations is serve, we must quickly serve the interests of public information," she said.

    "Then, it must also maintain good communication, emphasizing morals and good behavior are the duty of government public relations," she added.

    In the PR Summit with the theme "The Role of Public Relations in the Era of Media Convergence", head of Information Center, Secretariat General of the Indonesian Ministry of Home Affairs, Aang Bachtiar emphasized that public relations as a strategic institution - including in government institutions - in establishing communication through a number of media. This role can be used by public relations to reach wider and effective communication.

    "The role of Public Relations then and now. In the past, it used to be a single player, now it is multimedia by playing with home multimedia," said Aang.

    "Of course, (public relations) can carry out its role with a variety of strategic media through mass media. It is more effective to do and wider reach and messages delivered to the more diverse community at one time," he added.

    According to Aang, the era of media convergence like now is a challenge for public relations institutions. Especially related to the use of communication technology that is very easy and fast. Aang emphasized that public relations has an important role in managing social media.

    "There is interesting thing in the current era of convergence, of course related to how to manage social media. It becomes an interesting discussion, because when we manage social media, of course public relations work is extraordinary," he said.

    Aang also explained, currently, the Ministry of Home Affairs is conducting information mapping. It means, information related to the central government to local governments will be the same.

    "Do not let (information) to the central is different. Surely this is a big question mark, how the pattern of communication between the central and the regions in education data that must be presented properly and correctly," he concluded.

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