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    West Java Public Relations Cup 2019: KPK Reminds the Role of Information as Responsibility for Government Work


    BANDUNG - In the past, the task of Public Relations of the ministries/institutions and regions was only to deliver information to the public. But now PR is also in charge of managing information.

    What is the difference? According to Febri Diansyah, the head of Public Relations Bureau of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) as well as the KPK Spokesperson, the information manager is also tasked with answering public expectations.

    "Information control must be in PR, provided that the information is correct and oriented to public services. The work intention that I think must be in the way of thinking: work because someone trusts us in any institution or position," said Febri at the West Java Public Relations Cup 2019 in The Trans Luxury Hotel, Bandung, Friday (9/8/19).

    In managing the information, Febri said that it is important for PR to determine the content and audience. When the two things are over, PR can create a derivative communication strategy that is choosing the tools or channels used for each target.

    "Indeed, it needs to be rather systematic, so that, public relations work is not trapped just simply delivering information," Febri added.

    To the PR of the Provincial Government of West Java and 27 regencies/cities in it, he asked for standardization and determination of the direction of public relations tasks, especially developing interaction with the community.

    "Because it makes the credibility of the local government exist and can be trusted. May from forums like this (the PR Cup) there is sharing of experiences and need some kind of mutual agreement to standardize the public relations function in the context of public services," Febri said.

    Today, the level of public trust in the KPK itself reaches 85 percent. It cannot be separated from the perspective of the Public Relations Commission in seeing the role of public information as a form of accountability for the work that have been done.

    "The KPK is responsible to the public, so it is not the success of socialization, but more than that (that is) taking responsibility for the money given to the public for anything," said Febri.

    "What does the public want? We believe that it is not a matter of the regional head opening a ceremonial event, nor a welcome. Public relations is not a one-way function, but a two-way function. The more officials interact with the public, the better it will be. Social media is a means for that," he added.

    Moreover, Febri said that currently the public has excessive pessimism towards the government. For this reason, through existing facilities, Public Relations must make institutions more in touch with the community, so they can answer the existing problems.

    "I am convinced that the regional head will support if public relations is concerned about service to the community, so the information is focused on how people feel of the presence of the local government," said Febri.

    "In the end, the last connoisseurs are still regional heads or in the agency because the community believes, the community feels served. This is the hope that it can become a shared perspective for regional leadership elements as well as employees or officials in the public relations field," he said.

    Related to the Summit West Java Public Relations Cup 2019, Febri said the event was good as a place for public relations people to place a crucial role in public information services.

    "There needs to be serious attention from elements of the regional leadership to place public relations as a tool of public accountability to the community, so it is not merely conveying what officials have done in the regions," he concluded.

    Besides the PR Summit, theWest Java Public Relations Cup 2019 also gave appreciation to public relations and protocols throughout West Java who excelled in developing the vision of Jabar Juara Lahir Batin in reflection of the one year leadership of Ridwan Kamil-Uu Ruzhanul Ulum.

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