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    The State Electricity Company (PLN) Expands Solar Power Plant (PLTS) Rooftop Portable


    BANDUNG - The power outage recently could have been prevented if the community had started to use solar electricity. The State Electricity Company (PLN) itself has a solar power product called Rooftop electricity.

    Andhoko Soeyono, Senior Manager of General Affairs of  West Java PLN UID, said that by using a rooftop, the community who is electricity customer will also be more efficient in using the electricity, where Solar electricity will mix with PLN electricity.

    "There is an in-out fund on the use of PLN electricity with a rooftop, so if the power goes out automatically it will enter solar electricity," he explained in the Japri event at Gedung Sate, Friday (9/8).

    He affirmed that this rooftop had been determined by ministerial regulations.

    That is the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources No. 49/2018, regarding the use of rooftop solar power systems by PLN consumers. PLN itself sells the facility to the public, even through credit or installments.

    He said that in West Java, there were already people who had installed rooftops, that are 358 house points. Most of them are installed in housing estates in Bekasi Regency.

    "In Bekasi there are already about 200, at most. Socially spread in 18 areas in West Java," he said

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