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    OJK Urges To Be aware of Illegal Financial Technology (Fintech)


    BANDUNG - The Financial Services Authority (OJK) and Criminal Investigation Agency of  Indonesian Police(Bareskrim Polri) who are joined in the Task Force for Handling Alleged Unlawful Acts in the Field of Collecting Community Funds and Investment Management or the Investment Alert Task Force (SWI) agreed to crack down on the doer of illegal investment and Illegal Fintech to protect the importance of community.

    "The Task Force is aware to investment, in this case, OJK and Criminal Investigation Agency of  Indonesian Police (Bareskrim Polri) is committed to improving coordination to speed up the action against illegal investment companies and Illegal Fintechs which have been handled by the Investment Alert Task Force but are still operating," said Chairman of the Investment Alert Task Force, Tongam L. Tobing at a press conference with Bareskrim of Indonesian Police at the Jakarta Police Headquarters, in a press release, Friday.

    According to SWI data, until now, the number of Fintech Peer-To-Peer Lending is not registered or has a business license from OJK based on POJK Number 77/ POJK.01/2016 which has the potential to harm the community in 2018 as many as 404 entities while in 2019, there are 826 entities, so the total since 2018 have been handled as many as 1230 entities.

    This data includes additional handling by the SWI on July 16, 2019 totaling 143 Fintech Peer-To-Peer Illegal Lending
    Based on the search results on the server location of the entity, 42% of the entity is unknown, followed by 22% from Indonesia, 15% from the United States, and the rest from various other countries. However, this does not show the true identity of the perpetrators behind the entity.

    "Although the Investment Alert Task Force has closed many Fintech Peer-To-Peer Lending activities without OJK's permission, there are still many new applications which appear on the website and Google Playstore or application download link which is blocked. There are still many of them which can be accessed through other media, so community are asked not to access or use the Fintech Peer-To-Peer Lending application without OJK's permission. If you want to borrow online, then the public should see a list of Fintech Peer-To-Peer Lending applications that have been registered at the OJK on the website www.ojk.go.id, "Tongam said.

    It should also be noted that Illegal Lending Fintech Peer-To-Peer is not a domain of OJK's authority because there are no registered marks and permits from OJK while the OJK's domain of authority is Fintech Peer-To-Peer Lending which is registered and licensed by OJK. If there is a violation committed by Fintech Peer-To-Peer Lending that is registered and licensed in the OJK, the OJK can take action against the Fintech.

    The Investment Alert Task Force strongly encourages legal proceedings against illegal fintech perpetrators who conduct unethical billing in the form of terror, intimidation, or other unpleasant acts.

    In the context of taking action against the illegal peer-to-peer lending fintech, the Investment Alert Task Force asked the public to report the entity to the Indonesian National Police if a criminal element is found.

    In addition, the Investment Alert Task Force undertook preventive by conducting education using digital outdoor media, social media, and socialization in collaboration with the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta, the Fintech Association of Indonesian Joint Funding, Google Indonesia, and the National Police Criminal Investigation. Jo

    The Characteristics of Illegal Fintech :
    Do not have official permission.
    There is no clear identity and office address.
    Lending money is very easy.
    Interest and penalty information is unclear.
    Interest is unlimited.
    Unlimited fines.
    Billing has no time limit.
    Access to all data on mobile.
    Threats of terror and violence, insults, defamation, spreading personal photos / videos.
    There is no complaint service.

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