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    In 2020, West Java Will Add More Hajj Officers


    MEKKAH - The West Java Provincial Government will add the number of hajj pilgrims especially the Regional Haj Pilgrimage Team (TPHD) to 150 people by 2020.

    This carried out because the largest number of pilgrims in Indonesia is West Java if it is compared to other provinces; it is even dominating the number of pilgrims from other countries.

    This was stated by Deputy Governor of West Java, Uu Ruzhanul Ulum, after attending the 2019 Hajj Preparation Meeting in Saraya Regional Hotel, Misfalah Mecca, on Wednesday (6/8/19) night.

    "Next year, for TPHD, there will be an additional from 100-150 people," Uu said

    West Java Deputy Governor said that in the future, each group will carry the district / city name of their pilgrims. "So, the one that flutters in Mecca is not the name of KBIH, but the origin of pilgrims such as logo or flag of the regency / city and the Red and White flag," the Deputy Governor added.

    To the hajj officers (TPHI, TKHI and TPHD), he appealed to provide the best service for pilgrims especially those from West Java. It is because the West Java Government's image in front of the pilgrims will be reflected from the services provided.

    "The image of the government (West Java Province) will be seen from the officers' services that we have chosen from various districts / cities in West Java," said Uu.

    For this reason, West Java pilgrims must be able to provide excellent and friendly services. One of them is that by providing good and clear communication service.

    "It is hoped that the pilgrims will intend to worship. The trick is to become a hajj officer," Uu added.

    West Java Deputy Governor also appreciated the dedication and services of the West Java hajj officers to the pilgrims.

    "On behalf of the West Java Provincial Government, I would like to thank for your services. We work together to realize the Jabar pilgrimage, Jabar Juara Lahir Batin" said Uu

    Regarding the preparations for 1440 H / 2019 Hajj pilgrimage in Arafat, Muzdalifah and Mina (Armina) which will begin on 8 August 2019, the Deputy Governor emphasized the officers to always be optimistic to the pilgrims especially for the elderly.

    "Please convey to the pilgrims not to frighten them. It must be convinced with an optimistic attitude that they will carry out the procession of pilgrimage at Armuzna well without any obstacles" he concluded.


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