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    West Java Governor Asks Regional Governments to Calculate Losses of the Location that Affected by the Oil Spill


    KARAWANG REGENCY- West Java Governor, Ridwan Kamil, accompanied by Karawang Regent, Cellica Nurachadiana, observed the location that affected by the oil spill of Pertamina Hulu Offshore North West Java (PHE ONWJ) in Cemarajaya Village, Cibuaya District, Karawang Regency, on Wednesday (7/8/19/19).

    On this occasion, Emil - Ridwan Kamil's nickname - entered into a dialogue with dozens of affected villagers especially fishermen and fish farmers. The commuity complained that during the oil spill incident occurred, they could not go to the sea although Pertamina employed them in an oil clean-up efforts with a salary of around Rp.100,000 per day.

    Following up the complaint, Emil asked the Regional Government (Pemda) to immediately calculate losses of the community that affected by the oil spill. Within a period of 10 to 14 days, losses would be given directly to them.

    "I ask (the regional government) to form a team to note compensation, it must be as objective as possible. And the community, I want the information not to be exaggerated or reduced, " Emil said in front of the community.

    "I have ordered the Karawang and Bekasi Regents to communicate intensely represented by their villages headmen to note and examine losses," he added.

    Emil also asked for Pertamina's commitment to resolve this problem until the finish. "And Pertamina must be appreciated for coming every day to hold a questions and answers session to anyone who needs it," he said.

    "One of the things that I appreciate is that all affected people are employed, no one is unemployed because they were involved in the rescue process," he added.

    Assisted by the community, Indonesian National Armed Forces, Indonesian Police personnel, and Pertamina tried to clean up the remaining oil spill. Then, to handle the leak in the well that caused the oil spill, Pertamina tried to block the leakage by involving experts.

    "There is a rescue drilling at this moment, the progress has reached 30 percent. Within 10 to 14 days, it can be finished. So, the community does not need to be worried. Pertamina has hired experienced oil disaster management consultants from the United States," Emil said.

    In addition, Pertamina had also placed health workers, consisting of one doctor and four nurses in each affected village as an effort to mitigate the health of community due to the incident.

    Meanwhile, the Regent of Karawang, Cellica Nurachadiana, asked the public to keep calm and appreciate various efforts that had been made both by Pertamina and the government. "All mitigation and prevention have been done well by Pertamina and the Karawang Regency Government," he said.

    "So, I want us to keep calm and be able to appreciate this recovery process," he added.

    From Pertamina, represented by Nanang Abdul Manap, said that since July 14, 2019, Pertamina had set the Karawang oil spill incident as an emergency situation. "We are very concerned, we committ and are responsible for this incident," said Nanang.

    Even so, Pertamina will continue its oil and gas production plans especially for supplying to West Java. Oil and gas needs for West Java are still deficit.

    "We plan to increase production, increasing oil production to 3,000 barrels per day plus 25 million cubic feet of gas," he said.

    "We know that West Java really needs gas because the industry is very advanced. So, every day we are lack of 70 million cubic feet of gas. By adding 25 million cubic feet, we will reduce the gap needs (gas) of West Java people," he added.

    Cakim, one of the fish collectors in Cemarajaya Village, Cibuaya District, Karawang Regency, admitted that he had no income since the oil spill incident. It was because the fishermen did not go to the sea.

    However, Cakim was grateful that he was employed by Pertamina to become an oil collector. "We as collectors, we are not able to get any income at all because there are no fishermen who work," he said.

    "But Alhamdulillah, fishermen are employed, and I am also employed by Pertamina to collect oil," he said.

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