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    The Acting of Regional Secretary: Focus on Budget Discussion


    BANDUNG – The Acting of West Java regional secretary Daud Achmad asserted that he and his party is currently focusing on the discussion of the West Java Regional Budget, both the 2019 budget changes and the 2020 pure budget.

    “We continue to discuss the budget, both budget changes and pure West Java Regional Budget 2020,” he said in Gedung Sate, Tuesday (8/7/2019).

    Without mentioning the budget details, Daud Achmad said that the discussion was carried out with the Assembly at Regional and PD in budget meetings.

    “However, we will also guard the problem of infrastructure construction with the heads of PD, regional assistants involved. Because the Governor cautioned that this would not be ignored even though the Regional Secretary is now held by the Acting,” said Daud.

    According to him, according to the Governor’s message that don’t let the legal case which struck the West Java Regional Secretary Iwa Karniwa, public services be ignored.

    “It keep being reminded by the Governor so that public services is not ignored,” Daud said. (Pun)

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