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    Cirompang Micro Power to Supply West Java PLN Electricity


    BANDUNG-Mini Hydro Power Plant (PLTM) Cirompang formally give power supply to PLN Distribution of West Java today, Thursday (7/4).

    It is marked by the signing of the Minutes of the Commercial Operating Date (COD) PLTM Cirompang 4 x 2 MW between the Director of PT. Tirta Gemah Ripah Emryas Imsak Soeleiman with the General Manager of PLN West Java Province Iwan Purwana, that witnessed by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) in Pakuan Building, Jl. Otto Iskandardinata No. 1, Bandung on Thursday (07/04/16).

    It was also presented by chairman of Commission III of the DPRD West Java, Regional Assistant for Economic Affairs and Development of the West Java Secretariat, the head of OPD associated in the West Java province, the Head of related Secretariat of West Java Province, Director of PT. Tirta Gemah Ripah Emryas Ruling Soeleiman, General Manager of PLN West Java Province Iwan Purwana, as well as other invited guests.

    Cirompang micro power plants located in the Cihikeu village, Bungbulang sub-district, Garut Regency is able to produce electricity approximately 47.6 GWH per year and will meet the electricity needs of about 8,000 households or two districts in the vicinity of micro power plants. Aher hoped this could increase the electrification in West Java which is currently at 94.24% and is targeted in 2017 or 2018 could reach 100%.

    "COD as a marker of the operation of micro power plants could be the momentum to move and build new innovations both in the field of energy or other fields. And this includes new and renewable energy,” said Aher in his speech at the signing ceremony of COD.

    Moreover Aher also said that with the signing of this COD then today is formally PT. Tirta Gemah Ripah sell electricity generated by Cirompang micro power to PLN Distribution in West Java.

    "That was official that PT. TGR to sell electricity to PLN at a price that has been agreed with a maximum capacity of 8 megawatts or 4 x 2 MW," said Aher.

    Meanwhile, Director of PT. Tirta Jabar Emryas Imsak Soeleiman said revenue earned from the sale of electricity by an average of Rp 2.6 billion per month or projected revenues reached more than Rp 50 billion per year.

    According to Emryas, with a power purchase agreement between PT. Tirta West Java and PLN for 15 years and is able to recoup the investments made by Tirta Jabar in building these micro power. Investments made by Tirta Jabar is approximately Rp 172 billion with the financial support of financial institutions PT. Danareksa Capital.

    "Electricity Purchase Contract between PT. Tirta Jabar with PLN which has been signed has a term of 15 years. The time duration sufficient to restore the investments made by PT. Tirta Jabar in building the micro power plants, as well as contribute to the local revenues of West Java province,” said Emryas.

    In December 2015 last, Cirompang micro power plants 4 x 2 MW has been carrying out testing and commissioning was completed on April 1, 2016. It is characterised by the issuance of Certificates Worth Operation (SLO) Consultant Certification Services which includes decent test voltage network to PLN.

    SLO after the process is completed, then the signing of the minutes of the Commercial Operating Date (COD). Thus the supply of electricity from Cirompang micro power 4 x 2 MW is supplied to the medium voltage network PLN that has also been started to be recorded.

    Construction of Cirompang micro power multiplier effect is large enough for the surrounding communities. This is evident from the growing economy in Sub-Bungbulang through local employment and the transaction of goods and services arising from the construction of this micro power. The micro power construction consists of building Intake, Sand-trap (building rinsing sand), Tunnel with a length of approximately 173 m, Penstock with a length of approximately 2 km, and Power House (building power plants).

    In addition to Cirompang micro power 4 x 2 MW, is currently PT. Tirta Jabar is developing other micro power plants, namely Cirompang micro power plants and Cikembang micro power that located in Garut and Tasikmalaya district with a total capacity of about 6 MW. The micro power development is expected to require an investment of around Rp 180 billion.

    PT. Tirta Jabar will also cooperate with Indonesia leading national company for the development of micro power plants. In addition, as a form of PT. Tirta Jabar in supporting development programs of the Provincial Government in the provision of drinking water for people. It also invested in Water Supply System (SPAM) Jatiluhur, South Bandung Regional SPAM, and SPAM in the area of ??West Java International Airport

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