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    Finally, The Electricity System of DKI, Banten and West Java is Normal


    BANDUNG - After the power outage that occurred on Sunday (4/8), State Electricity Company (PLN) managed to normalize the entire electricity system. As of this morning the plants that have entered the system amounted to 12,378 MW. With 23 Extra High Voltage Substasion (GITET) already in operation.

    For recovery of outages in DKI Jakarta at 17.50 West Indonesia Time, Banten region at 21.20 West Indonesia Time and West Java at 23.27 West Indonesia Time yesterday night (05/08/2019)
    Today's peak electricity load in DKI Jakarta, Banten and West Java is 13,674 MW with a total capacity of 15,378 MW.
    "Alhamdulillah, the whole system is normal, and we will continue to maintain the stability of this system," said the Acting Managing Director of PLN, Sripeni Inten Cahyani through a press release on Tuesday (6/8).
    It issaid, the generator that had been lit this morning:
    1. 7 units of Sularaya Steam Power Plant (PLTU)
    2. 1 unit of Cilegon Plant
    3. Block 1 and 2 of Muara Karang Power Plant
    4. 2 units of Muarakarang Steam Power Plant (PLTU)
    5. Blocks 1 to 4 of Priok Plant 
    6. 3 units of Lontar Steam Power Plant (PLTU)
    7. Salak Geothermal Powe Plant (PLTP)
    8. Saguling Hydro Power Plant
    9. Cirata Hydro Power Plant
    10. 1 unit Labuan Steam Power Plant (PLTU)
    11. Lestari Banten Energi Steam Power Plant (PLTU)
    12. Geothermal Powe Plant (PLTP) in West Java
    13. Blocks 1 to 5 Muaratwar Plant 
    14. Cirebon Electric Power Steam Power Plant (PLTU)
    15. 2 units of Indramayu Steam Power Plant (PLTU)
    While the plan that will enter the system (synchronous process) tonight:
    1. Pelabuhan Ratu Steam Power Plant (PLTU) 1
    2. Pelabuhan Ratu Steam Power Plant (PLTU) 3
    3. Suralaya Steam Power Plant (PLTU) 1
    In addition, all 500 kV and 150 kV networks are back to normal.
    Meanwhile, previously PLN also provided information related to compensation for customers affected by outages.
    Compensation will be given as much as 35% of the cost of the burden or the minimum account for consumer tariff adjustment groups.
    Compensation of 20% of the cost of the load or the minimum account for consumers in the Non Tariff Adjustment group ( not subject to electricity adjustments fare)
    The compensation will be applied to the account next month.
    Specifically for prepaid customers, compensation is equal to reducing bills in the Tariff Adjustment group. This compensation will be given when the customer purchases the next token.
    The amount of compensation received can be seen on the bill of account or receipt of tokens for prepaid consumers
    Especially for premium customers, PLN will provide compensation in accordance with the Service level Agreement (SLA) that has been jointly signed. Jo

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