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    Ridwan Kamil: Government and Academics Role in Forming Community Maturity in Communicating


    SUMEDANG DISTRICT -- West Java Governor, Ridwan Kamil said that the government and academics officiate in forming a mature community in communication, especially because communication is currently influenced by digital technology.

    "The task of Communication Faculty (academics) and me (the government) in this pentahelix is to make the adult community communicate," said Ridwan Kamil in the national seminar 'The 2019 Padjajaran Communication Conference Series' at the Postgraduate Campus of Communication Faculty (Fikom) Unpad, Sumedang Regency, Tuesday (6/8/19).

    RK -- greeting Ridwan Kamil -- said, the phenomenon of hoax is one example in digital communication which can easily and quickly spread in the community until give
    bad impact on social and economic life.

    "There are hoaxes in Garut, there was a landslide (on the road to South Garut). The impact is that all booked hotels in South Garut were canceled, the restaurant was also empty. As a result, around Rp5 billion was lost. In the fact, after my team checked, the photo was indeed there, but it happened in China, "said RK.

    "My point, hoaxes are not only textual but also visual today, and this is more dangerous," he added.

    RK also explained the steps or strategies of the West Java Provincial Government in responding to the current communication problems, including by social media, Sapa Warga program in the village, West Java Quick Response, and West Java Saber Hoaxes.

    "(The program) indicates that the government is responding to the communication problems which exists nowadays, such as the hoaxes," said RK.

    For this reason, RK requests that academics can be involved in making a blueprint for communication development, especially in the West Java region in order to develop the maturity of the community in communication.

    "So the question is, how do we want to build this community if our biggest issue (not mature to communicate) is that there is no blueprint? Now, that's the job of Padjadjaran University (academics), "said RK.

    According to the Dean of Communication Faculty Padjadjaran University, Dadang Rahmat Hidayat, the national seminar 'The 2019 Padjajaran Communication Conference Series' was held to rebuild the development communication study .

    "We hold this seminar to re-mainstream the study of development communication in the right context, not only to speak about present but also some traditional communication methods that still exist," said Dadang.

    "Now, we will combine comprehensively. Hopefully these studies can emerge, "he concluded.

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