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    Four Competencies State Civil Apparatus (ASN) in West Java Provincial Government Must Have


    CIMAHI - Daily Task of West Java Regional Secretary, Daud Achmad, opened the Personality Competency Development Training Program 'Leadership Soft Skills' for Primary I Leaders in the West Java Provincial Human Resource Development Agency of Transportation (BPSDM), Cimahi, Tuesday (6/8 / 8 / 19).

    According to Daud, the training for the apparatus is not only to complete the administrative requirement, but also to improve self-knowledge and skills, get ready and to be able to become leaders who can be appreciated by the community.

    "Later the speakers will be very interesting, there will be business practitioners then from industry experts 4.0 who are currently developing. So, there will be a lot of knowledge, especially practical knowledge, "he said.

    In addition, Daud stated, there are four competencies which a person must have to be an effective and accountable leader. The first competency is related to affective. Leaders must be able to develop empathy and sensitivity when dealing with many opinions.

    Then, a leader must have perceptual competence, that is the ability to identify problems appropriately, while being able to consider various opinions. Then, symbolic competence relates to the ability of a leader in creating ideas.

    The last competence is related to behavior. A leader must be able to communicate, work together, and adapt quickly. If the four competencies are owned by the leader, said Daud, determine the strategic policies effectively and efficiently.

    "So, during the learning process or discussion which is passed could bring in a work that is useful, namely the change in personality of each apparatus and soft skills about leadership that can improve the performance of the institution," said Daud.

    "The participants role as bureaucratic leaders is crucial, because structural officials of Echelon II  as strategic leaders, must have the ability to determine the policy strategy," he added.

    Meanwhile, the Head of West Java Human Resource Development Agency of Transportation (BPSDM), Wawan Suwandi, said that the training aims to sharpen the mindset, attitude, and actions of the State Civil Apparatus (ASN). The aim is to improve the quality of community services.

    "Also optimizing public services and building credibility with a positive image of the government apparatus and establishing partnership between organizations and community elements," he said.

    In addition, said Wawan, the training aims to realize "Jabar Juara Lahir Batin". According to him, the participants will get material about Good Government Implementation (Best Practice), Ethics of E-tickets International Social and Public Official Grooming, Positive Public Image Formation Techniques, Collaboration Techniques and Development of Public Official Networks, Presentation Techniques and Professional Press Conference Conference Public, Tourism promotion Strategies, Skills Facing the Industrial Revolution 4.0, and Entrepreneur Leadership.

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