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    Governor: IPDN Graduates Don't Be Stiff


    JATINANGOR - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil hopes that IPDN graduates will not be rigid in applying their knowledge when they are already working in the field as government officials that serve the society. It was revealed by Ridwan Kamil after attending the inauguration of the IPVI Praja batch XXVI to accompany Indonesian Vice President Yusuf Kalla in the Jatinangor IPDN campus, Tuesday (6/8/2019).

    "I hope they will not be rigid in the field. They must understand and follow the updated developments outside that so quickly, so as I often tell, they must implement a dinic government" he said.

    According to the Governor, they are a new generation in government, don't just rely on guidelines that are inferior to developments.

    "Not because only the guidelines, does not mean thay no longer pay attention to the possibilities or opportunities that can be done to develop the area," said Kang Emil, the called of the Governor of Jakarta.

    The Governor also said that IPDN graduates today are no longer returned to their home regions, but they are spread throughout Indonesia so that there are no more regional egos but one NKRI. In 2019 IPDN graduated 744 cadets from all over Indonesia. (Pun)

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