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    West Java Provincial Government Synergizes Development with 27 Regency/City Governments


    BANDUNG -  The Provincial Government of West Java under Ridwan Kamil-Uu Ruzhanul Ulum's leadership continues to synergize development with 27 Regency/City Governments in West Java.

    It was revealed by Daily Task of  West Java Regional Secretary, Daud Ahmad, when opening the Coordination Meeting on Guidance and Supervision of the Implementation of Deconcentration, and Co-Administration Task by the Governor as the Representative of the Central Government in 2019 in the Grandia Hotel, Bandung, Monday (5/8/19).

    "In West Java, through the leadership of the new Governor (Ridwan Kamil). We have begun to find ways or strategies on how to keep the relation of the Governor with the Regent and Mayor in harmony," he said.

    According to Daud, one way for West Java Provincial Government to harmonize development with the Regional Government is to hold a General Government Coordination Meeting in the Context of the Governor as the Representative of the Central Government (KOPDAR-GWPP).

    Through the program, the coordination and synchronization of the West Java Provincial Government and the Regency/City Government have strengthened. Furthermore, KOPDAR-GWPP is a place for regional heads to express development innovations in their regions.

    "May this effort can more easily synergize central, provincial and district/city development programs," he said.

    In the same occasion, Daud stated, the Governor as the Government's Representative as well as an extension of the President's duty was to ensure that the implementation of affairs in the Regency/City area went smoothly and according to policy.

    "The implementation of the tasks and authority of the Governor as the Representative of the Central Government is intended to contribute to the ongoing implementation of regional government in an efficient, effective and sustainable manner," he said.

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