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    West Java-Multi Action to Complete Citarum Issues


    BANDUNG-West Java Provincial Government is committed to solve the problems of garbage and waste in the Citarum River by involving various parties. West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan said it has formed a new team for Citarum Bestari Programme (Clean - Healthy - Beautiful - Lestari).

    In addition to involve government officials, such as district/city government and the military through Dansesko military, the provincial government also invites the environmental community, and college students, as well as the central government through BBWS Citarum and Bappenas.

    "We work a plan and map, will we inform back to the format that is password-military operations other than war. So this is the multi-party action of work implementation," said the Governor in Gedung Sate, Jl. Diponegoro No. 22, Bandung on Wednesday afternoon (04/06/16).

    The governor said it wants the new team can work fast, but with good planning and clear content. It is hoped this new team can immediately begin planning and mapping out the existing problems in the Citarum river.

    There are two things that will be the focus of a new Citarum team, the cleaning of the existing waste in the Citarum and the advocacy community and the business world to no longer dispose of garbage into the Citarum.

    To not dispose of new waste, is what we'll do. We are united to advocate community and industrial not to dispose of garbage into the river," said Governor familiarly called Aher.

    In the future, the provincial government will undertake the management and processing of waste, either from the public or the industry in an integrated manner. "In the future, such as cowsheds will be created or shifted farther to the top. Also the cow dung will also be processed into biogas," said the Governor.

    In addition, in the future the provincial government will also make regulations that the wastewater treatment plant with industrial companies can be separated. Later, there will be a company that specialised in treating waste from the industry, so that waste management can be integrated. This was according to the Governor to be applied in the industrial areas in West Java, such as Bekasi and Karawang.

    "The government requires dispose of waste properly by the other company,” said the Governor.

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