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    Two Stages of Oil Spill Management in Karawang


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor, Ridwan Kamil coordinated with Karawang Regent, Celicca Nurachadiana, Regional Secretary (Sekda) of Bekasi District, and PT Pertamina EP Director, Nanang Abdul Manaf regarding the oil spill of Pertamina Hulu Energi Offshore North West Java (PHE ONWJ).

    "We gathered, discussed about Force Majeure, an extraordinary incident, on July 16, an oil spill occurred because of an extraordinary technical problems," said RK - greeting Ridwan Kamil - at Gedung Pakuan, Bandung, Friday (2/8) / 19).

    RK said, managing oil spill in Karawang through two steps. The first is the emergency response time, which is the revamping oil spill and treatment for affected residents.

    This step, said RK, takes approximately two months and a half. In addition, Pertamina has asked Global companies that are experts in managing oil spills.

    Then, recovery stage, that is revamping the environment, infrastructure, culture, and social environment in community. According to RK, "This is estimated to take two to six months.

    "The things in recovery are the community's economy, then social impact, also psychological impact will be payed attention, and environmental impact," he said.

    In addition, RK said Pertamina had placed an expert team approximately 58 people. This expert team is on guard at the place for 24 hours. Then, 40 Indonesian Army (TNI) and 56 volunteers intervened to manage the oil spill.

    RK also said, oil is waxy like wax, so it can be collected into sacks. At present, approximately 390 thousand sacks of oil have been collected.

    "This disaster was handled coordinative by Pertamina, West Java Province, and related City / Regency," he said.

    Besides that, said RK, there was a Task Force (Satgas) to make sure that oil spill problems could be resolved. The task force will  stand by at the place.

    "Including the health team is always available to check the health of residents," he said.

    Director of PT Pertamina EP, Nanang Abdul Manaf said that his party was serious about dealing with the impact of the oil spill. One of them by deploying Octopus Skimmer to suck oil spill.

    "The character of the wax makes it easier to handle. Clumps with a net and removed," he said.

    According to EP Nanang, the cause of the oil spill occurred because the gas leakage which caused air bubbles in the YYA-1 Blok Offshore North West Java (ONWJ)

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